COMPANY: Wonderland Group (Brands including Nuna, Joie, Graco)  
INDUSTRY: Consumer Durables, Baby gear and nursery products 
JOHN GALT SOLUTION: Atlas Planning Platform


  • Established end-to-end visibility across suppliers, partners, distribution centers, warehouses, and fulfillment channels.  
  • Enhanced warehousing efficiency through better planning.  
  • Integrated distribution and transportation to manage multi-tier replenishment including allocation and inventory balancing across the entire supply chain network.  
  • Use of real-time data, advanced analytics and machine learning to sense and respond faster to events.  


Established in 1983, Wonderland Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of baby gear and nursery products including car seats, baby strollers, travel cots, and highchairs. The company’s manufacturing base is in Taiwan with distribution centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Dubai, and China. A leading manufacturer in the industry, Wonderland Group represents world-renowned brands such as Nuna, Joie, and Graco, distributing thousands of SKUs that are sold globally across 80+ markets. 


Wonderland Group experienced challenges as the explosive growth of digital sales channels (e.g. e-commerce) led to shifts in consumer behavior. The changes in the market prompted opportunities for the manufacturer to increase direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, including buy online, pick-up in store (BOPIS), and warehouse DTC. As Wonderland Group’s production and channels grew, the company recognized the need to increase agility in their supply chain; enhance flexibility in distribution and warehousing, and improve visibility across the network to respond quicker to changes in demand. 

The team recognized the need for a powerful supply chain planning platform to translate demand into ecommerce fulfilment strategies. Wonderland Group sought a way to quickly understand channel-specific growth, and to combine data between consumer demand, stock on hand, and replenishment (orders placed and inventory).  

At the same time, the company was experiencing challenges with distribution and warehousing. Warehouse space and ocean containers were severely constrained across global regions – an issue that is compounded by increases in both sales and product assortment. At the time, the team had a simple model of shipping single SKU containers, which supported efficient manufacturing but did not optimize to account for warehouse or transportation container constraints. ​ 


The Atlas Planning Platform from John Galt Solutions enables Wonderland Group to leverage demand sensing (POS data and channel inventory at retail stores) and use machine learning to understand growth by channel (e-commerce, in-store, etc.) and analyze the differences between consumer demand and replenishing channel inventory. 

Additionally, Atlas enables Wonderland Group to integrate distribution and transportation to manage their multi-tier replenishment including allocation and inventory balancing across their entire supply chain network. The team can now maximize warehouse capacity by projecting when and how much warehouse space is required, ​while automating container optimization (mix containers versus shipping single SKU containers) with the ability to adjust purchases based on regional warehouse space.  

Amid significant supplier and transportation constraints and disruptions, Wonderland Group has accelerated its global digital supply chain transformation to drive business growth. Atlas provides the team with a single platform to connect all data, decisions, and operations, plus the ability to automate processes and gain end-to-end supply chain visibility. In the midst of constant disruptions, Wonderland Group has harmonized data across its subsidiaries to improve service levels with an integrated plan across distributors, manufacturers and customers.  

“All our subsidiaries are integrated in the Atlas Planning Platform. We have one single view to see inventory across subsidiaries, from our central warehouse. With Atlas, our S&OP is automated, and we can forecast well in advance.” 

Lukas Karnasch​, Director Business ​Analysis & Planning​, Wonderland Group.