COMPANY: Tyndale USA  
INDUSTRY: Apparel  
JOHN GALT SOLUTION: Atlas Planning Platform


  • Gained the ability to automatically roll up multiple forecast streams. 
  • Increased forecast accuracy to within 1% of actual sales. 
  • Established end-to-end visibility and transparency across the supply chain. 


Tyndale is a manufacturer and distributor with more than 40 years of market experience providing a single-supplier solution for keeping workers safe, comfortable and regulation-compliant, by delivering top-quality, arc-rated flame resistant (FR) clothing.

Tyndale is one of the largest FR clothing suppliers in the US market, outfitting hundreds of thousands of wearers and substantially all electric utility companies nationwide. The company offers an extensive catalog combining Tyndale brand garments and products from industry leading suppliers such as Ariat, Bulwark, Carhartt, and Wrangler.


One of the three largest FR clothing suppliers in the US market, Tyndale operates a highly complex supply chain network through custom catalogs and e-commerce. The company’s two core business units, manufacturing and distribution, must satisfy the needs of a diverse customer base through its ever-expanding product portfolio. The company experienced challenges with manual processes that made it difficult to effectively manage the forecast and ensure reliable inventory for its growing product portfolio. As an apparel company, Tyndale also has to manage changing customer needs and preferences related to numerous attributes including color, styles and fashion. The prior systems relied on manual updates and time-consuming processes to enter exceptions and forecasts for every SKU.

In addition, during the global pandemic and disruptions that followed, Tyndale faced challenges with material delays and labor, which affected the sourcing of fabric and strained manufacturing capacity. 

As the company continued to grow, the team decided to adopt a powerful supply chain planning solution that could better support business expansion while enabling the improvement of forecasts and planning – to translate challenges in demand into fulfilment strategies and maximize business opportunities.


When Tyndale’s planners decided to accelerate their supply chain planning with an end-to-end solution, they conducted a mapping exercise with the experts at John Galt Solutions. Both parties worked closely together to define a new process aimed at automating tasks and improving demand planning and inventory management, while fostering alignment and collaboration across Tyndale’s business units.

John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Platform helps the team at Tyndale create multiple forecast streams and automatically integrate them, which drives visibility across the organization and ensures the company has the right stock in the right place.

Following quick wins and demonstrated improvements, Tyndale developed standard processes across the business units which helped accelerate the change management and ensure everyone is on board with more mature and robust planning processes to help move the business forward. The S&OP process is now results-driven, and the team is reaping the benefits of data analysis for actionable insights that drive better outcomes.

The Atlas Planning Platform allows the company to make the most of data to sense demand and effectively anticipate orders, enabling Tyndale to provide suppliers with 12-month rolling forecasts with incredible accuracy the suppliers have not seen. Since implementing the Atlas Planning Platform, Tyndale has been recognized by partners and market players as one of the top forecasters in the field.

Tyndale accelerated its digital supply chain transformation to support year-on-year growth. Atlas provides the team with a single platform to support new product introductions, standardize planning processes and grasp new commercial opportunities for continued success.

“John Galt Solutions provided exactly what we needed to support our rapid and continued growth. Atlas has made managing forecasts and inventory so much easier, and it’s become the backbone that supports our whole function to get sales out the door and having the right goods at the right time. We’re now considered one of the top forecasters in our industry.”

Deborah Bolton, Director of Forecasting. Tyndale Company