COMPANY: Carlisle Brake & Friction
INDUSTRY: Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
JOHN GALT SOLUTION: Atlas Planning Suite


Carlisle Brake & Friction is a leading solutions provider for high performance and severe duty brake, clutch, and transmission applications. It serves world-class OEM and aftermarket customers in the mining, construction, military, agricultural, motorsports, industrial and aerospace markets. Carlisle Brake & Friction seeks to provide their customers with full system solutions, “from the pedal to the wheel.”


Prior to implementing John Galt Solutions, no formal Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process existed at Carlisle Brake & Friction. The company did conduct some limited forecasting in its existing ERP system, but it did not utilize any technology to support a proper forecasting and demand planning process. Prior forecasting challenges for CBF include:

Limited to one forecast line per item No visibility to individual customer forecasts Changes were not traceable Could propagate changes from top level down to items


Initially, CBF considered expanding the company’s current ERP system to include a demand planning module. However, the team quickly realized that it was not the right tool to support their new process, nor was it cost effective. For CBF, the Atlas Planning Suite from John Galt Solutions offered both the world's most powerful statistical engine and unparalleled flexibility to grow with their expanding demand planning process. John Galt's track record of successful implementations with CBF's ERP system also boosted their confidence. The powerful data warehouse in the Atlas Planning Suite offered the ability to deliver data in any format needed and promised an easy and quick integration. John Galt quickly assessed the situation and deployed the Atlas Planning Suite, a flexible demand planning system that fit the S&OP process CBF created.


With the statistical power and integrated business planning approach of the Atlas Planning Suite, CBF was able to build their S&OP process on a strong foundation. With the Atlas Planning Suite, CBF can now: • Forecast by customer and/or item • Apply changes on demand at any level of the customer or product hierarchy • Systematically identify forecast outliers • Manage by exception • Integrate with existing MRP for streamlined supply planning

CBF has measured marked improvements in key S&OP metrics since implementing Atlas, including: • Increased On-Time Delivery Percentage • Fewer back orders • Improved Forecast Accuracy • Improved Inventory Turns

CBF looks forward to optimizing their demand planning and entire S&OP process going forward, with the ultimate end goal of automating much of the process, enabling management by exception.