In this video, Steve Jensen, Forecasting Manager at Acme United discusses why they chose John Galt for Acme United’s forecasting and inventory planning. Though their ERP system included a forecasting module, Acme found it limited, and produced forecasts manually through spreadsheets instead. This process was cumbersome and Acme was unable to reach the customer level of demand, which caused collaboration with sales and management to suffer.

Acme selected John Galt twice over the years as their needs grew. First, they selected John Galt’s Atlas Planning Suite as their forecasting and demand planning system. Second, they chose Atlas’ Inventory Management module to improve their inventory operations.

After implementing John Galt, Acme reduced inventory levels by 15-20%. Customer service levels rose simultaneously from 92% to 98%, allowing Acme to capture further sales. In the video, Steve attributes the success of their implementation and relationship with John Galt to John Galt’s flexibility – a flexible tool and a flexible and knowledgeable team that can configure the demand and inventory planning system to meet any need.

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