A reliable supply chain planning solution is more critical than ever to thrive in today’s unpredictable business environment. Unexpected shocks to supply and demand further emphasize the need to deploy technology solutions that can quickly and accurately deliver insights to drive informed decisions that keep supply chains running smoothly and stay ahead of unforeseen shifts in customer needs, supplier reliability and new growth opportunities. Yet for many companies, supply chain planning activities are still performed on outdated legacy systems, ERP systems, and spreadsheets in an environment where poorly informed decisions now inflict even greater business costs and undermine market competitiveness.  

In this analyst report, Nucleus Research interviewed numerous John Galt Solutions customers to assess the business impact of their Supply Chain Planning (SCP) deployments and found substantial time and cost savings. The results demonstrate that 90 percent of customers reported a significant increase in their supply chain visibility following the implementation of John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Platform. The report also states that, on average, customers cited a 60 percent improvement in forecasting accuracy, a 20 percent reduction in inventory levels, and an 80 percent increase in user productivity.  

Nucleus reports that “John Galt’s SCP solution is well-positioned to drive supply chain digital transformation in various use cases, from sales and operations planning (S&OP) to resource scheduling.”  

Nucleus’ findings identified key returns on investment following the deployment of the Atlas Planning Platform, and highlighted the following main benefits reported by customers: 

  • Greater visibility. 
  • Improved forecasting accuracy. 
  • Reduced inventory levels. 
  • Better stakeholder collaboration. 
  • Boost in labor productivity. 

The Atlas Planning Platform from John Galt Solutions provides a comprehensive supply chain planning solution that helps organizations navigate uncertainty, optimize planning decisions, drive cross-functional collaboration, and gain end-to-end visibility across the supply chain network. 

Why read this report?

In this dynamic and ever-changing environment, success can no longer be sustained through a disjointed approach to supply chain management. Supply chain leaders need the right technology to make data-driven, confident decisions to act quickly, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities amid uncertainty.  

There are many SCP solutions in the market that cover a broad range of capabilities from planning to execution. We believe this report from Nucleus Research serves as a valuable vendor assessment and source of reference for John Galt Solutions’ supply chain planning solution. The report provides an analysis of the cloud-based Atlas Planning Platform and highlights the benefits it brings to end users as they seek to progress in their supply chain maturity. 

Based on an assessment of live deployments from current customers and their achievements post-deployment, Nucleus Research reports that “the unified SCP platform offered by John Galt Solutions takes a holistic, proactive approach that optimizes supply chain plans to achieve the organization’s key business goals more effectively across a multi-enterprise landscape.” 

Read the report to learn more about John Galt Solutions and its market-leading supply chain planning software, including key differentiators for driving business value.