With today’s global pandemics and supply chain disruptions, it is more important than ever to have a reliable supply chain planning solution. Capacity constraints, port backlogs, and tightened labor markets pose a heightened operational and financial risk. Most supply chain planning activities are still performed on outdated legacy systems, ERP systems, and spreadsheets in an environment where poorly informed decisions now inflict even greater business costs and undermine market competitiveness.

Nucleus interviewed numerous John Galt customers to assess the business impact of their SCP deployments and found substantial time and cost savings. On average, customers cited a 60 percent improvement in forecasting accuracy, a 20 percent reduction in inventory levels, and an 80 percent increase in user productivity. John Galt’s SCP solution is well-positioned to drive supply chain digital transformation in various use cases, from sales and operations planning (S&OP) to resource scheduling.