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Innovation Lab

As your supply chain process matures you need a partner that will grow with you.

John Galt Innovation Labs is a research center that works in tandem with our customers and partners to develop planning solutions that tackle real-world challenges and provide measurable value across a diverse range of industries. Our innovation lab is driven by the John Galt vision of building long-term partnerships with our customers and working with them every step of their digital supply chain planning journey to make better and faster decisions.

Technology-led Innovation Culture

The secret sauce of the John Galt Innovation Lab is our team of experts – from our software developers who improve our computational performance,  our data scientists who develop new machine learning algorithms, and our services team that works closely with customers. We are constantly exploring new ideas and challenging the conventional. As part of our strategy, we focus on three key areas:

  • Data and Decision Science: researching leading-edge approaches to turn data into actionable insights
  • User Experience: focused on redefining the user experience
  • Product Innovation: driving innovative opportunities to advance John Galt solutions

Built Upon Collaboration, Driven Through Feedback

We know that each business has unique requirements, challenges, and goals and therefore, their planning software must be flexible. This is why we create minimum viable products (MVPs) that our customers and partners test to gauge performance. Using real-world customer data and a continuous feedback process allows our software developers to modify, tailor and improve the MVPs - helping us focus on the right outcomes and strike a balance between performance and innovation.

We take an integrated approach that blends best practices and continuously deliver high-quality software in close cooperation with our software team and customers. We set our sights on delivering product enhancements that not only incorporate the latest technology but also solve customers’ real-world challenges.


The Atlas Planning Platform is designed to solve a broad range of planning challenges with minimal configuration and without costly custom development. On rare occasions, select customers will request industry-specific or organization-specific development projects, which John Galt accommodates for the benefit of that customer.

Customer Success

By leveraging IoT, POS and weather data, we built machine learning algorithms that optimized Reddy Ice’s transportation route delivery system resulting in the following improvements:

  • 50% reduction in customer stockout during rollout
  • 75% reduction in unnecessary deliveries
  • 20% productivity increases in deliveries

The end objective of everything we do at the John Galt Innovation Lab is to create solutions that help our customers achieve extraordinary success. We work very closely with customers to shape new opportunities and test next-generation technology.

We are constantly working on revolutionary new supply chain technology, and I am especially excited about developments in machine learning. The progress in this field has been amazing and we will soon experience forecast accuracy and supply chain efficiency that we have never witnessed before.

Brian Begeman, R&D Leader

Our Happy Customers

Atlas has enabled us to become more profitable by allowing us to react more quickly to changes in our customers’ demand.

Grant Daniel, Director of Delivery Optimization at Reddy Ice

After only a couple of months we have already seen improvements in our forecast accuracy and process with Atlas

Francois Callait, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at NETGEAR

Implementing the Planning Portal and being able to efficiently collect input from the sales team were big game changers for our planning process.

Keith Diehl, Director of S&OP

By tracking the effects those adjustments have on our results, along with the ability to manage our product family by exception, we can increase customer service through better product management

Richard Herrin, Manager of NAFTA Planning and Forecasting, Syngenta

We partnered with John Galt to streamline the entire project, defining business requirements and making sure that everyone was doing the right thing at the right time. This allowed for a very smooth implementation.

Cherie Phelan, Demand Planning Manager

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