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Turbocharge Your Whole Approach to “Buy, Hold, and Sell”

Today’s complex consumer demand patterns combined with newly flexible scenarios for shopping, receiving, and returning goods creates a daunting environment for wholesale distributors. It’s tough to make optimal decisions about inventory and replenishment given the day-to-day realities of variable lead times, seasonality, erratic regional demand, changes in replenishment schedules, real-time market activity, and more.

Our Atlas Planning Platform puts powerful AI-driven analytics and actionable insights at your fingertips. This paves the way to a more profitable, high-performance wholesale distribution supply chain that balances demand with supply to meet service level and perfect order goals.

Turn Data Analysis, Optimization, and Automation into Your Unfair Supply Chain Advantage

  • Prevail Over Demand and Replenishment Uncertainty

    Stay several steps ahead of consumer purchasing options, from on-premises to e-commerce click and collect, locker pickup, and direct delivery to residences and business locations.

    Gain visibility into demand variability from slow movers to fast movers and spot sporadic demand

    Build collaborative partnerships with suppliers and customers to gain visibility downstream through VMI and collaboration capabilities

    Balance inventory investments with service objectives and supplier capabilities.

    Unify your teams around an orchestrated S&OP process that enables mutually beneficial collaboration

  • Put Inventory in Its (Optimal) Place

    Create a truly seamless customer experience across every distribution channel. Assess market demand and current buffer stocks to optimize multi-echelon inventory while maximizing service levels.

    Dynamically assign inventory policies based on business needs to optimize by product line, customer, channel, and geography

    Use advanced what-if scenarios combining volumetric and financial data to create a single comprehensive view into optimal tradeoffs

    Use AI-driven inventory policy automation to cut obsolescence and minimize stock-outs

  • Re-Order Your Purchase Order Strategies

    Automate the purchase order (PO) process to streamline communications with suppliers and minimize financial risk. Turn order management into a core competency using optimization strategies that apply user-defined rules to constraints such as option to buy, tiered pricing, and supplier contract agreements.

    Automate routing processes to free up valuable human resources for high-value activities and strategic initiatives

    Build long-lasting supplier relationships through enhanced collaboration based on shared visibility and “one version of the truth”

    Support multiple PO optimization strategies such as consolidation, time windows, and freight savings

    Integrate the Atlas planning platform seamlessly with major order management systems

  • See the Whole(sale) Supply Chain Picture from End to End

    Develop a transparent and quick responding supply chain that keeps goods flowing without interruption to the delight of your customers.

    Exploit AI-driven demand sensing based on data including POS, weather, IoT, telemetry, and more to stay ahead of evolving real-world market conditions

    Apply proven analytical forecasting methods to generate real-time daily and weekly insights and smarter, more confident decisions

    Quickly perform what-if scenario analyses to explore multiple planning options and find which offers the best return on investment

    Set up triggers based on KPIs to alert your team of impending risks that threaten to undermine service level goals

John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software
John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software

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