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Nourish Your Supply Chain Plans for Healthy Growth

Our Atlas Planning Platform helps you meet the challenges that eat away at food and nutrition supply chain productivity, such as finite shelf lives, seasonal demand swings, changing consumer tastes, sustainability requirements, and more.

Atlas helps you sense and analyze complex demand signals to create actionable plans that reduce uncertainty, improve collaboration, and reduce waste.

Advanced AI and machine learning enhance your supply chain execution and support a more robust S&OP process. Complete end-to-end visibility aligns internal teams and improves collaboration with suppliers and retailers, ensuring you stay a step ahead of competitive pressures.

Focus All Your Energies Through One Uniquely Unified Platform

  • Mitigate the Uncertainties of a Risky Business

    Atlas uses advanced analytics and machine learning to understand how key factors affect performance of the global network, including its suppliers and distribution centers, while right-sizing inventory levels in every tier.

    Enhance planning by combining the value of structured and unstructured data

    Extrapolate existing data to inform more intuitive life cycle management, ranging from new product introductions to retirements and substitutions

    Perform real-time what-if scenarios to model changing market conditions and reach fast, confident decisions based on data

    Predict product demand based on history, trade promotion data and seasonal profiles, as well as information on shifting consumer preferences

    Employ probabilistic forecasting to incorporate a wide range of variability factors and create a highly resilient supply chain plan

  • See. Analyze. Model. Synchronize.

    End-to-end supply chain visibility plus advanced analytics make it possible to spot supply chain disruptions sooner, uncover single points of failure, forecast more accurately, and exploit new opportunities.  

    Create a supply chain digital twin and perform what-if scenario analyses to improve planning, forecasting, and decision making

    Automate routine processes to keep your team focused on high-value activities

    Enable greater collaboration and trust between internal teams and external partners such as suppliers and retailers

    Generate insights from POS, weather, and IoT data to improve daily and weekly forecast accuracy

  • The Right Data, Right Away

    Stay ahead of changing market forces, consumer expectations, and government regulations with access to the right information, when and where you need it to help drive faster, more accurate decisions.

    Discover new growth categories by transforming multiple data sources—both structured and unstructured—into one analyzable information base

    Include market data in your analyses and discover new business opportunities through data-driven insights

    Quickly analyze changing consumer preferences and demand patterns related to fresh and healthy food options, regional variety, seasonal factors, and more

    Build collaborative partnerships with suppliers and customers around highly efficient vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs

  • Be More Sustainable

    Waste caused by spoilage, product contamination and other factors is a critical challenge for food and nutrition supply chains. Atlas powers your fight for greater sustainability by ensuring the right products are available when and where needed. You can optimize transportation requirements to support sustainability goals.

    Leverage demand sensing to align demand and supply

    Employ expiry information in your planning process to confidently minimize waste and spoilage

    Lessen the burdensome impacts of transportation activities—from ecologic to economic—across your supply chain

    Invent smart supply chain strategies that support circular economy initiatives

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John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software

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