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Customer success

Tom Usrey, ForecastX user - 3:47

Tom Usrey used ForecastX as the foundation for S&OP success. Today, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and executives all contribute to creating a one-number consensus forecast.

Customer Success

Luke Marietta, Emerson

Luke Marietta, Emerson - 3:17

Luke Marietta and his team from Emerson were struggling to plan for long term capacity. The organization was focused on short term sales growth, but lacked the insights to make decisions on long-term planning. ForecastX allowed the company to create a strong baseline forecast as the foundation for success.

Dr. Barry Keating, Notre Dame

Dr. Barry Keating, Notre Dame - 3:21

Professor Barry Keating of Notre Dame University wrote the book on forecasting. He is widely recognized as a leader in statistical forecasting. Learn how Dr. Keating why Dr. Keating has been using ForecastX as his preferred forecasting tool for over a decade.

Tim Leeth, Interstate Batteries

Tim Leeth, Interstate Batteries - 1:34

Interstate Batteries jumpstarted their entire S&OP process with the ForecastX Wizard. ForecastX provides the demand planning team with a statistical baseline with its best-fit algorithm, Procast, that is far superior to what they were working with before.

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