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Powerful forecasting made easy in Excel.

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ForecastX is a forecasting tool that is built for growth. The tool gives you unparalleled statistical power along with the infinite flexibility of Excel, while remaining incredibly easy to use.

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Built for Growth

Get started in 10 minutes and produce your first forecast today. As your process matures, your tool will adapt to your changing needs!


Accurate Forecasts

The best-fit algorithm PROCAST consistently outperforms the competition and delivers the most accurate forecasts in the industry.


Easy and Intuitive

Working Excel simplifies data formatting and shortens the learning curve, making it easy and intuitive to create your first forecast.

Full Features

<b>Save time</b> <i>- Build your forecast in minutes<i>

Save time - Build your forecast in minutes

No need to spend hours on data cleansing and formatting. Just add your historical data to Excel and create your forecast in one click. The software will automatically interpret your data and pick the best forecasting method to instantly create an accurate forecast.

Plan with confidence - Industry leading accuracy

Be confident in your forecast with the best-fit-algorithm "Procast". Procast is widely considered the most accurate statistical forecasts in the industry and consistently outperforms the competition when tested against other established business forecasting software packages. The difference will ultimately show on your bottom line.

<b>Plan with confidence</b> <i>- Industry leading accuracy</i>
<b>Make better decisions</b> <i>- Measure the effect of events</i>

Make better decisions - Measure the effect of events

Fine-tune the marketing mix to focus on the most profitable events and promotions for your company and improve the performance of others. You will know exactly which promotions were profitable in the past and start planning for changes in future demand.

Plan for new products - Successful product introductions

Utilize sales data from similar products when introducing new ones to analyze patterns, creating an accurate baseline forecast for your new product. Are you experiencing intermittent demand? We have a solution for that too!

<b>Plan for new products</b> <i>- Successful product introductions</i>
<b>Reduce inventory cost</b> - <i>Build the right amount of inventory</i>

Reduce inventory cost - Build the right amount of inventory

Inventory is one of the largest capital investments every business makes. Today’s demanding consumers won’t tolerate stock outs and manufacturers need to turn inventory into cash.

Businesses that produce physical goods can use ForecastX to inform activities at all levels of the business. Foresee your inventory levels at any point and get recommended reorders based on specific safety stock parameters and service levels for each product. Use DRP to improve service levels and make your customers happy.

Easily export and share your results

ForecastX offers powerful and versatile reporting to analyze and present your forecast results. Choose from a range of report types, designed to handle diverse challenges for users at all experience levels.

Need to integrate ForecastX with your ERP system? No problem, ForecastX offers powerful exporting tools to integrate your forecast with any ERP system.

Easily export and share your results

“Within a day, I was able to complete my first forecast.”

– Jeff Marthins, TASTYKAKE



ForecastX LITE
$59 / mo.*

ForecastX LITE

A scaled down version of ForecastX that lets you get familiar with the ins and outs of the tool before purchasing the full version.

*Billed annually, not including 500$ setup fee.

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$99 / mo.


Our affordable ForecastX software comes with all the features and functionalities needed to take your planning process to the next level!

*Billed annually, not including 500$ setup fee.

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Online Training

Online Training

Comprehensive 2-day online training course ensuring that you make the most of your investment.

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