Probit Curve

The Probit Curve is one of the three new product models used in the New Product forecasting method, but it is also a stand-alone forecasting technique. For additional information, please see New Product Forecasting.

To use Probit Curve forecasting technique:

  1. Click on the Forecast Method tab.
  2. In the Forecast Technique area, scroll through the list of methods and select Probit Curve. The Probit Curve Forecasting technique displays.

  3. Select Edit parameters to activate Probit Curve’s parameters. 
  4. In the Value Limit area, select the minimum and maximum values.
  5. Select either Optimized or Fixed. 
    Option Description
    Optimized Optimize the maximum value specified. The maximum value might be changed to a value lower than specified but this is done to optimize the forecast generated.
    Fixed Maximum value set is used as the maximum for the created forecast.
  6. Click Finish.

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