Powerful forecasting made easy in Excel.

For $99 / month get one-click forecasting that delivers unparalleled statistical power combined with the infinite flexibility of Excel.


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Your Forecast in Minutes

No need to spend hours on data cleansing and formatting. Just add your data to Excel and create your forecast in one click. ForecastX automatically interprets your data and selects the best forecasting method to instantly create an accurate forecast.

  • Automatic best-fit modeling
  • Apply flexible group forecasting
  • Manage inventory levels
  • Optimize safety stock
  • Measure impact of events
  • Model NPIs
  • Focus with ABC analysis
  • Collaborate across teams

Key Capabilities

Forecasting is a collective endeavor and ForecastX helps you manage that by enabling collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders. With the click of a mouse, you can now turn good forecasts into better forecasts that people can relate and commit to.

  • Plan with Confidence

    Our best-fit-algorithm PROCAST is the most accurate statistical forecasting solution and consistently outperforms alternate solutions. Your bottom line will thank us.

  • Work as a Team

    Provide your team the ability to collaborate with key internal and external stakeholders, make changes at any level of detail and consolidate the results.

  • Better Decisions, Faster

    Fine-tune the marketing mix to focus on the most profitable events and promotions for your company. Know exactly which promotions are profitable, now.

  • The ABCs of Analysis (Pareto)

    Group products based on their importance and helps focus your attention on the areas that will most influence your bottom line.

  • Plan for Success

    Utilize sales data from similar products when introducing new ones to analyze patterns and create an accurate baseline forecast for your new product.

  • Shave Inventory Cost

    Turn inventory into cash, optimize safety stock, and develop replenishment plans based on your inventory parameters. Let make your customers happy, together!

  • Advanced Reporting

    Export and share your results using powerful and versatile reporting. Choose from a range of report types, and easily integrate your forecast with any ERP system.

  • Measure the Impact

    know exactly which promotions were profitable in the past and start planning for changes in future demand.

Forecasting with Excel

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How to Elevate Excel to Boost Your Supply Chain

How to Elevate Excel to Boost Your Supply Chain Social

How It Works

Experience the power of ForecastX in this short video overview as we take you on a quick tour of its key features and capabilities. Want to see more, visit our library of demos.

ForecastX at a Glance


Reduce Forecast Error

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Training for ForecastX

Join us for a 2-day online training course as we team up with esteemed business forecasting expert Professor Dr. Barry Keating of University of Notre Dame to learn the ins and outs of ForecastX. This interactive, two-day course gives you a thorough understanding of the forecasting software and ensures you make the most of your investment.


Select Your Pricing Plan

ForecastX Lite$59/month

Get familiar with the ins and outs of this simple to use Excel plugin.

  • ProCast™ Expert Selection
  • Batch Forecasting
  • 25+ Statistical Methods
  • 50+ Statistical Measures
  • Event Modeling
  • Much, much more!
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User-friendly, Excel plugin to take your planning to the next level!

  • Multi-level Hierarchy Management
  • On-fly re-calculations
  • ABC Analysis
  • Consensus Planning
  • New product forecasting
  • Conversion Factors
  • Advanced reporting
  • Customer co-development
  • That’s just the beginning!
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“It is no longer ‘I think’ or ‘I feel’, now we have accurate data to validate our decisions.”

Luke Marietta, S&OP Manager

  • “ForecastX is a massive timesaver, literally at the click of a button.”

Tom Usrey, Planning Manager

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