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Overview - 1:56

Experience the Power of ForecastX in this short video overview that will take you on a quick tour of key features and functionality.

Features and Functionality

Creating fast and accurate forecasts

Creating fast and accurate forecasts - 2:38

No need to spend hours on data cleansing and formatting. Just add your historical data to Excel and create your forecast in one click. The software will automatically interpret your data and pick the best forecasting method to instantly create an accurate forecast.

Prepare your data

Prepare your data - 1:58

ForecastX offers a range of methods to easily clean your data for optimal forecast performance. Let the system automatically clean your data or take use advanced settings for ultimate control - the choice is yours!

ABC Analysis

ABC Analysis - 2:03

ABC Analysis (Pareto) is an easy-to-use segmentation tool that lets you group products based on their importance to your business. ABC Analysis allows you to focus your attention on the areas of your business that will most dramatically influence your bottom line.

Plan for events and promotions

Plan for events and promotions - 2:02

Fine-tune the marketing mix to focus on the most profitable events and promotions for your company and improve the performance of others. You will know exactly which promotions were profitable in the past and start planning for changes in future demand.

Group Forecasting

Group Forecasting - 2:19

The Grouping tab allows users to Data Cleansing group items together by common attributes and then produce forecasts at a group level using those attributes. This enables more accurate forecasts by running at the more stable group levels, while also enabling planners & collaborators to offer feedback for many items at a time, or in total.

Build the right amount of inventory

Build the right amount of inventory - 2:00

Businesses that produce physical goods can use ForecastX to inform activities at all levels of the business. Foresee your inventory levels at any point and get recommended reorders based on specific safety stock parameters and service levels for each product. Use DRP to improve service levels and make your customers happy.

Export and share your results

Export and share your results - 1:32

ForecastX offers powerful and versatile reporting to analyze and present your forecast results. Choose from a range of report types, designed to handle diverse challenges for users at all experience levels. Need to integrate ForecastX with your ERP system? No problem, ForecastX offers powerful exporting tools to integrate your forecast with any ERP system.

Track forecast accuracy

Track forecast accuracy - 1:42

Easily track forecast accuracy with waterfall accuracy reports. Simply save your forecast after each forecasting cycle for valuable insights and continuous improvements.

How does Procast work?

How does Procast work? - 1:49

Procast is John Galt's proprietary best-fit algorithm that continuously outperform the competition in terms of forecast accuracy. How do you use it and how does it work?

ERP integration

ERP integration - 1:54

ForecastX offers a range of options to make ERP integration easy and pain-free. This allows you to always make sure your data is up to date.

Data requirements

Data requirements - 2:32

ForecastX lets you work with a broad range of data formats and types but what kind of data is needed to get started?

Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning - 2:54

The latest version of ForecastX includes this powerful new feature, allowing you to collect feedback from multiple stakeholders to break down silos, gain organizational alignment, and increase forecast accuracy.

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