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Demand Management

See what’s coming, keep products in stock, and shape demand to meet growth goals

Forecast accuracy and demand variability remain a top challenge for companies.  In an uncertain world, decision making should be made with confidence and guided by data to point you in the right direction.  However – not all data is forecastable. John Galt brings forecasting expertise to the market and lets you easily apply science to your forecast.  Respond and react faster to changing consumer demand by including consumption data and easily translate demand into supply strategies.

How do you level up your demand plan?

  • Start by modeling your base demand, understand forecastability of data, and learn how to deploy traditional time-series forecast models. We have trained thousands of planners to help them understand how the different models and statistical results can help improve their planning. Seamlessly collaborate with sales, marketing and other areas.
  • Evolve by optimizing and expanding the models used including lifecycle, launch, attribute-based, regression and more. Understand where the demand is by segmenting promotion, event and base demand layers.  Go beyond basic hierarchies and model across different time levels and product, geography, customer and product levels while understanding which provide forecast-value. Gain visibility beyond your network and use prescriptive recommendations to take action.  Expand collaboration up and down the supply chain and enhance the quality of the forecast by accepting or rejecting inputs.
  • Accelerate your process to automate and optimize the forecast with machine leaning that predicts changes in demand by bringing in external demand signals like POS, IoT, weather, etc. Then shape the demand by modeling operational and financial implications to maximize profitability, reduce risk and boost customer service. John Galt is battle-tested with hundreds of machine learning deployments to support promotions, cannibalization, seasonality and more.
  • Transform your process by bringing in millions of data points across an extended supply chain ecosystem to further automate your processes and get automated insights into demand drivers.

Hundreds of global brands trust Atlas to deliver results and improve their processes.  At John Galt we are practitioners, teachers and innovators and combine math and science to real world problems.  As a forecasting pioneer, we combine our heritage with our team of battle tested experts to bring forecasting expertise to the market. Ready to improve your demand plan?  Contact us to get started today with the Atlas Demand application.


Demand Management


Statistical Forecasting

Gain the right footing for a highly accurate demand plan with advanced statistical forecasting capabilities in Atlas. Our proprietary best-fit algorithm ProCast™ consistently outperforms the competition and delivers the most accurate forecasts in the industry. We are constantly updating our forecasting methods to take advantage of the latest advances in AI and machine learning.

  • Apply machine learning to develop intelligent forecasts from any type of data and learn over time
  • Automatically select and optimize from over 25 statistical models from our ProCast™ expert selection technology
  • Develop statistical forecasts from any level of aggregation: top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up
  • Gain deep insight into your data with over 50 descriptive statistics
  • Create and review bucketed statistical forecasts at any level of time granularity including yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily
  • Use machine learning to incorporate insights from causal data including socioeconomic, IoT, weather, social listening, click-through/e-commerce, and more
  • Automatically validate and cleanse data with machine learning, automated outlier removal, trend adjustment, and much more
  • Incorporate event forecasts and promotional calendars to manage and measure unusual events
  • Experiment with alternate models and approaches with deep parameter control

Demand Planning

Atlas enables your team to accurately forecast demand and then start planning to keep you in the black. With a mix of smart reporting and automated workflows you can quickly gather opinions from across your organization and compare them to forecasts, building a smarter demand plan that speaks to the specific nature of your business.

Don’t settle for stale data or a single plan. John Galt ensures you’re able to review and compare multiple plans to know what to do tomorrow, no matter what happens today.

With Atlas you can:

  • Receive intelligent, prescriptive recommendations to identify and cleanse demand exceptions
  • Build autonomous demand planning processes to automatically handle common planning issues and exceptions
  • Adjust forecasts from any hierarchy at any level of aggregation: top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out
  • Review and adjust forecasts at any level of time granularity from annual to daily
  • Automatically analyze customer demand patterns to accurately prorate a monthly or weekly forecast to the daily level
  • Review and adjust forecasts in any unit of measure including revenue, cost, margin, case pack, weight, and more
  • See forecast impacts in multiple views scenarios using different parameter settings, such as price per unit to compare against your budget
  • Model demand of new products and markets with powerful supercession and attribute-based forecasting
  • Develop short-term and long-term plans based on demand lifecycles

Demand Shaping

Go beyond simple planning and start shaping demand to meet sales targets or available supply.

Atlas demand shaping helps you understand the effect of events so you can plan correctly for promotions, supply chain disruptions, and changes in customer purchasing and pricing needs.

Take hold of your market to:

  • Leverage machine learning to provide intelligent recommendations to drive customer demand
  • Plan marketing events such as promotions, new product launches, store openings, and more
  • Autonomously measure the impact of promotions and other unusual events
  • Separate base business from promotional sales or other exceptional demand
  • Automatically evaluate the impact of multiple event and promotional scenarios
  • Optimize customer behavior with incentives like price breaks and product substitutions
  • Shape demand based on any product life cycle stage: new, emerging, mature, and retiring

Demand Sensing

Understanding your entire business enables you to make smarter moves that help every product, prospect, and sales team.

Build on the planning process with Atlas Demand Sensing to deliver a more complete, real-time picture of the demand that’s impacting your business. We easily integrate with a variety of data sources, such as Point of Sale and real-time CRM information.

Synchronize demand and supply teams, improve customer service and keep products on the shelf, with solutions that:

  • Translate downstream data in real time
  • Utilize machine learning to discover insights in large internal and external data sets
  • Input real-time data, such as shipping notifications, in the forecast
  • Automatically suggest demand optimization actions based on short-term trends
  • Incorporate real time consumer sentiment (e.g. social listening, search history) to drive fast response
  • Develop tactical plans from short-term data sources like weather
  • Use POS and sell-through data to model customer behavior and drive multi-enterprise collaboration

Reporting & Analytics

Leadership demands proof of success. Our dashboards make it easy.

Measure demonstrable success and highlight actionable insights with Atlas’ advanced reporting and analytics. We provide best-practice S&OP reporting as well as over 50 standard reports, plus custom and configurable options. Create reports that help you identify areas for improvement and share key performance knowledge with management.

  • Review supply chain performance with a library of configurable KPIs and dashboards
  • Generate data views and reports to support IBP/S&OP at any stage of maturity
  • Incorporate machine learning to autonomously identify insights and support a better plan
  • Measure the performance of the demand planning process with accuracy reporting, Forecast Value Add, and budget performance
  • Automatically identify unprofitable SKUs to suggest product rationalization
  • Use machine learning to segment products and drive planning strategies and prioritization
  • Compare multiple scenarios and evaluate any impact throughout the end-to-end supply chain

Part of an End-to-End Planning Solution

Demand Management is the cornerstone of enterprise growth, so we’ve made it the cornerstone of the Atlas Planning Platform. It’s the core functionality our customers need to understand their market now and how they can thrive in the future.

End-to-end supply chain planning just got a little easier. See it in action with a free demo based on your industry, or even your own data.

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