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Let data analytics grow your market, not your inventory.

When manufacturing furniture, appliances, power tools or any other consumer products,  companies need to grow while operating in an environment where consumer’s service, product and delivery expectations are changing. Intense global competition, product proliferation, demand volatility, rapidly changing regulations, and unstable supply drive the market. Durable goods manufacturers need an always-on view of supply and demand to pivot products and inventories as market conditions shift.

The Atlas Planning Platform addresses the demands of durable goods supply chains with rich market analysis, demand sensing, and real-time scenario planning. Our single unified platform uses advanced analytics and machine learning to automate planning and integrate structured and unstructured data in real-time helping to model changes as market conditions evolve. These insights develop transparent and resilient supply chains that deliver high-quality, differentiated products at the prices and service levels consumers demand.

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How Atlas Planning Platform supports your durable goods supply chain.

Become More Responsive

Durable goods manufacturers require a robust and predictable supply chain that quickly adapts to market changes. With Atlas Planning Platform, manufacturers can collaborate with suppliers to shorten lead times and maximize margins Use end-to-end planning and automated machine learning to mitigate risks and embrace opportunities.

  • Continuously plan at any level of detail across businesses using a single unified platform for your end-to-end planning needs.
  • Use advanced analytics and machine learning to derive trends, patterns, and probabilities
  • Mitigate disruption and plan for uncertainty with powerful what-if scenarios
  • Leverage demand sensing to position inventory more accurately
  • Achieve multi-echelon inventory optimization
  • Drive collaboration with real-time chat and notifications to shorten lead times
  • Perform real-time “what if” analysis
  • Automatically set, optimal time-phased inventory policies
  • Gauge the cost of serving key accounts
  • Calculate the cost of adding new customers or markets

Added Visibility and Collaboration

Durable goods manufacturers carry extensive inventories in multiple distribution centers. They face off daily against global demand, competitive pressures, fickle customer preferences, and rapid product innovation. End-to-end visibility into the supply chain helps manufacturers plan, forecast, track, and identify strategies that optimize their supply chains. Connect to suppliers to gain end-to-end visibility and leverage demand sensing to position inventory more accurately across a multi-tier network. Atlas uses advanced planning capabilities powered by machine learning to optimize multi-echelon inventory levels and help reduce costs.

  • Establish a collaborative sales and operations planning (S&OP) process
  • Leverage collaboration with vendor managed inventory programs
  • Leverage telemetry data through demand sensing
  • Increase visibility of offshore production
  • Gain end-to-end visibility into the supply chain
  • Collaborate with suppliers to shorten lead times
  • Prevent margin erosion

Improved Forecasting

Our advanced planning capabilities powered by automated machine learning deliver real-time insights and helps manufacturers finetune inventory policies to ensure product availability and reduce obsolete and markdown items. Inventory levels must match changing consumer demands, product additions or retirements, and sales promotions. Atlas Planning Platform helps improve forecast accuracy and provide the visibility needed to make better planning decisions by applying advanced analytics to drive trends, patterns, and probabilities across broad product portfolios.

  • React quickly to market shift by leveraging demand sensing to position inventory more accurately
  • Models lifts in demand taking into account new store openings, special offers, new packaging, changes in consumer demand, and more.
  • Perform powerful what-if scenario planning using Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Share planning and forecasting information and feedback to all stakeholders
  • Accurately forecast while optimizing service levels

Manage Complexity and Uncertainty

Consumer durable manufacturers must manage increasing complex product portfolios. They need to tightly synchronize supply and demand to optimize material, inventory, production and distribution assets. Atlas helps companies grow and manage complexities. Our platform helps you move away from manual-intensive approaches and model complexities to shorten lead times, optimize inventory, and prevent margin erosion.

  • Develop robust sales and operations (S&OP) capabilities
  • Utilize data analytics and multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO)
  • Reduce cycle and response times
  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Plan and operate multiple distribution channels


The Atlas Planning Platform balances ease of use with advanced functionality.

The competitive consumer durable goods market requires accurate planning and global insight across the supply chain. There’s little time for complex planning tools that are difficult to learn and even harder to use.  The Atlas Planning Platform offers advanced supply chain planning capabilities but is designed with end-users in mind.

Atlas Planning Platform is intuitive and easy to use with customizable user interfaces that help drive planner productivity. Our flexible and powerful platform has configurable workflows, and automated alerts that make it easy to monitor conditions from demand to supply while managing multiple levels of product, customer, sales geographies, and locations.



Atlas leverages machine learning and AI to develop resilient supply chains.

Competitors promote machine learning capabilities as a nice-to-have. John Galt sees machine learning and AI as essential and incorporates it into everything we do. The Atlas Planning Platform integrates a range of internal and external sources from POS data, IoT, to commodity prices and more—into every scenario. By analyzing data in near real-time, our platform detects and supply shifts, identifies supply risk and uncovers opportunities by linking and integrating data signals that impact your business.



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Atlas Planning Platform promotes strategies that foster organizational alignment.

The best supply chains collaborate upstream and downstream to plan and execute operations. The joint efforts of every stakeholder deliver synergies and efficiencies across the entire supply chain. But even in the best worlds, knowledge silos throw a wrench into decision making.

Atlas fosters supply chain transparency to help internal and external stakeholders collaborate. The user-friendly online platform facilitates real-time demand and supply balancing and scenario planning from end to end. Our platform breaks down knowledge silos; integrates commercial, financial and supply chain planning; and gives access to trade-offs for service, revenue, profit, and cost.



Atlas Planning Platform acts as a trusted advisor for manufacturers.

We get it—manual repetitive processes waste valuable time when your company has more pressing concerns to worry about. Atlas automates planning and repetitive tasks to ensure an optimal mix of quality, efficiency, and service.

A single solution to address all of your supply chain planning needs. Our unified continuous end-to-end supply chain planning platform is flexible, extensible and scalable and a proven industry leader in continuously delivering rich capabilities that are easy to use to help you grow.


With Atlas, we have been able to make our supply chain work optimally. It really is the best tool I've seen for demand planning.

Brad Sayers, Milwaukee Tool

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“We are now using the same platform for demand and inventory, making the data flow very seamless, giving my team full access and visibility to the demand plan”

- Kate Hackett, Manager of Forecasting

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