Collaborative Planning


Collaborative Planning

Improve performance with increased collaboration & visibility

Improve supply chain performance dramatically by providing your planners with real time visibility and the ability to collaborate with key stakeholders both inside and outside your business. Such visibility and collaboration enables a “one number” collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR) process with suppliers, customers, and business stakeholders.

John Galt provides you with a flexible platform for collaboration, including mobile phone and tablet readiness, end-to-end workflow management, real time chat and notification systems, shared KPI scorecards, and offline collaboration. All of these features integrate seamlessly across the suite of John Galt’s supply chain planning software. See more key collaborative planning capabilities listed below.

Collaborative Planning

Demand Collaboration

  • Incorporate data from anywhere, including CRM, ERP, and customer systems. Incorporate data such as forecasts, POS, seasonal and product profiles, trade spend, orders, shipments, capacity, and service levels.
  • Extend the collaboration process to the Annual Budgeting Process with Sales and Finance
  • Share external real-time data streams consistently and automatically. Examples include seasonal profiles, promotional data, and trade spend with key vendors and trading partners
  • Share an interface with partners and customers for real-time views into demand forecasts, promotions, current orders, and replenishment needs
  • Automate the setting of business rules for the entire business
  • Automate the planning process to assign the right person to the right product
  • Support contextual collaboration including calendar sharing

Supply Collaboration

  • Facilitate end-to-end planning and execution workflows, including sharing of capacities, forecasts, orders, logistics, and inventory
  • Share real-time data streams consistently and automatically with key vendors and trading partners. Examples include purchase orders, work orders, inventory levels, and more.
  • Monitor replenishment for CPFR, VMI, and internal programs
  • Allow buyers to review and adjust suggested purchase, manufacturing, and transfer orders
  • Provide vendor visibility and access
  • Synchronize manufacturing and procurement plans with your plants and suppliers

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