Cutting-Edge Supply Chain Ideas

Discover Tomorrow’s Supply Chain with John Galt’s Innovation Lab


Customer Co-Development

Supply chain planning innovations come to life at John Galt’s unique research center and think tank, Innovation Lab. The lab is a vibrant customer-developer partnership that tackles real-world supply chain challenges across a range of industries.

In the John Galt Innovation Lab, our solutions team collaborates with customers to develop fresh breakthroughs that improve supply chain value through advanced planning technology.

John Galt Innovation Lab

  • A Technology-Led Innovation Culture

    The life blood of Innovation Lab is the expertise of our software developers, data scientists, and services consultants blended with customer insights and real-world experience.

    The lab focuses on three key areas:

    • Research new ways to generate actionable insights through Data and Decision Science
    • Redefine the User Experience for intuitive ease of use and greater productivity.
    • Explore ideas for Product Innovation to enhance the Atlas Planning Platform.
  • Built Through Collaboration, Perfected Through Feedback

    The Innovation Lab develops minimum viable products (MVPs) that are deployed by customers and partners to deliver real-world measurable value.

    The vital information gathered drives insights, iterations and enhancements that strike the best possible balance between performance and innovation given your unique challenges and business goals.

  • Innovation in Action

    Innovation Lab worked closely with Reddy Ice to deliver enhanced machine learning algorithms that leverage IoT, POS and weather data. Through our close collaboration, Reddy Ice achieved extraordinary supply chain improvements including:

    • 50% reduction in customer stockout during rollout
    • 20% increases in delivery productivity