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Continuous Intelligence

Visibility and orchestration across your entire supply chain network

Atlas Planning Platform Continuous Intelligence
Sense. Think. Do.

Just knowing what is happening now, or what is predicted to happen soon, is not enough. Increasingly, supply chains are getting more complex with many factors and trade-offs that must be taken into account to truly gain a more panoramic and complete view of the supply chain. AI-powered decision automation to make better and faster decisions.

360-Degree Supply Chain Enlightenment

  • Better Vision Embedded Into Operations

    Atlas integrates smart planning decisions into your core business process and drives your digital transformation. Always-on analytics capabilities create a panoramic live view of the ecosystem from suppliers to customers.

  • Real-Time, All the Time

    Exploit all available data sources, systems, and analytics capabilities to gain continuous insight into your supply chain network. Continuously consuming and combining real-time event data from multiple sources produces end-to-end data-driven insights.

  • Faster, Savvier Decisions

    By sensing and responding to real-time data, Atlas provides a holistic continuous intelligence solution that speeds up decision-making through automation and improves effectiveness of actions taken based on deeper insights.

  • Smarter Human-AI Synergy

    Atlas’ machine learning and always-on analytics engine derives predictive business insights from behavioral trends and deviations from norms, and more. The platform augments and empowers your staff through recommendations and automation tailored to your processes and workflows.

Atlas Planning Platform Continuous Intelligence