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Artificial Intelligence

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The Atlas Planning Platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, empowering better and quicker decisions across your global supply chain.

Our advances in AI optimize your processes, transform data into actionable insights, and deliver confidence and speed to your decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence In Supply Chain Planning

In a world of constant change, you need to quickly answer important supply chain questions including “What will happen?”, “What is the opportunity or risk?”, and “What is the best course of action?” Our AI infused platform helps you answer these questions and more by analyzing new data, finding patterns, and delivering new insights.

The Atlas Planning Platform leverages advances in AI and machine learning to bring more intelligence to your supply chain decisions and analyze, segment, visualize and receive automated recommendations for any desired business outcome.

Capacity Planning

“Atlas machine learning has enabled us to become more profitable by allowing us to react more quickly to changes in our customers’ demand.”

Reddy Ice

Grant Daniel – Director of Delivery Optimization


Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Your Supply Chain

Powerful Analytics for Everyone

Our practical and powerful AI engine augments analytical insights to help any user regardless of their skill set – from data scientists to planners – uncover new insights, understand the impact of multiple scenarios, and accept system recommendations.

Predictions and Prescriptions

Bringing together historical information and real-time data from internal and external sources, the Atlas AI engine advises which course of action is best to take helping remove bias and latency from decisions.


Gain greater efficiency by automating the entire machine learning workflow – without the need for data scientists. Automate time consuming processes of cleansing, engineering, transforming and training data so planners can focus on value-added activities.

Visualize and Understand Data

Designed with a focus on the user, Atlas delivers rich visualizations to quickly explore data and uncover insights. The platform gives users fingertip visibility to easily see, understand, and execute data-driven decisions.

Drive Confident Decision Making

Eliminate the need to spend time correcting and adjusting the plan due to inaccurate or static data. Atlas’ machine learning algorithms quickly analyze and identify issues to improve the quality and accuracy of the data.

Build a Data Driven Culture

No matter where you are in your analytics journey, John Galt is committed to helping you build a data-driven culture. Put data at the center of the conversation and decision-making to find new opportunities, build resiliency and automate time-consuming processes.

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