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Demand Management

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Demand Management

Improve Profitability and Outpace the Competition

An accurate forecast is the foundation of a successful supply chain planning solution. With John Galt’s Demand Management solution, planners have a robust, yet easy to use tool for dramatically improving forecast accuracy. And that means increased sales, better inventory management and more efficient supply chain performance.

  • Manage different data streams such as EDI and Point-of-Sale data, plans from customers, suppliers and other internal departments
  • View and adjust your synchronized forecasts in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual time buckets, seamlessly switching from one forecast to another
  • Allocate changes using top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out methodologies
  • Highlight exceptions, allowing staff to focus on critical issues
  • Create sales forecasts with an intuitive easy to use graphic interface that captures events and promotions and customer intent
  • Report with the ability to roll up or drill down to any layer of your business
Demand Management

Improve Profitability

A highly accurate forecast is a key driver of supply chain success. With John Galt’s Demand Management solution, planners have a robust, yet easy-to-use foundation for a more accurate forecasting process. Better forecasts mean products are where you need them, resulting in increased sales and a more efficient supply chain. With accountability for financial results taking center stage, achieving those results is more important than ever. Business challenges including new product launches, changes in customer demand and buying patterns, unplanned events, promotions, seasonality and returns contribute to planning difficulties. To confidently meet financial goals, companies need to define and adopt an integrated planning process driven by customer demand.

Solution Overview

John Galt Demand Management is a proven and affordable solution for forecasting and managing demand. The result is the best possible consensus forecast to drive manufacturing and replenishment planning. Combining this forecast with pricing as the basis for your business plans also increases financial reliability. By using Demand Management with other modules in the Atlas Planning Suite, planners benefit from a comprehensive solution that supports sales collaboration, event and promotion management, Point of Sale (POS) Forecasting, Inventory Management, Rough Cut Capacity Planning, and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).

Outpace the Competition

John Galt Demand Management provides the most accurate statistical forecast available and integrates capabilities to better manage demand. We can pull in Point-of-Sale data, as well as information from customers, suppliers, sales and other internal departments. This comprehensive enterprise approach to demand management enhances forecast accuracy and highlights opportunities for increased revenues and lower costs.

Planning that leverages a company's special capabilities can provide a competitive edge. The Demand Management easily accommodates specific best practices. Forecast allocation can be configured with History, Forecast, or user-defined ratios. The system automatically forecasts based on the specifics of each company's market. With those results, exceptions, and filtering, the team can focus on critical issues. All relevant data, adjustments and feedback can be reconciled and quickly factored into the current consensus plan.

Forecastability Analysis®

With our new Forecastability Analysis™, understanding your business’ forecasting challenges is easier than ever. We can quickly summarize business trends and identify barriers to forecasting success. By automating and reviewing various approaches, we can compare the results from a revenue contribution or inventory investment perspective. The application can also recommend process enhancements to improve accuracy above and beyond the best statistical approach.

  • Allow planners to focus on the process instead of data collection.
  • 5-10% initial inventory reduction plus ongoing annual reductions
  • Configurable alerts for demand exceptions
  • Display demand and forecasts in terms of sales (customer), marketing (product), manufacturing (components) or finance (revenue).
  • Sales collaboration embedded in Demand Management
  • View and override forecasts at any level of aggregation and automatically re-balance levels.
  • Forecast and collaborate on any time period from weeks to quarters or years.

Collect Data from Internal and External Sources

With our Demand Management it’s easy to manage data from other systems as well as external sources, such as Point-of-Sale (POS) and data from customers or suppliers. The Data Loader provides quick and easy integration with other enterprise applications including SAP, Oracle, Microso and JDE. Invoice history and master data are imported into Demand Management and consensus forecasts are shared as needed.

Accurately Reflect your Market

John Galt's trademark Procast™ forecast method automatically selects from over thirty methods and statistical techniques based on your market needs. The Event Manager provides an easy way to add judgment and statistical events. Planners can use factors in new and replacement products, accounting for both lift and cannibalization. Collaborate with your sales and marketing teams as well as business partners with the Planning Portal.

Maximize Margins through Lifecycle Planning

The Demand Management Engine accurately generates plans for new products with no demand history and updates them as sales data flows in. By linking seasonal patterns and growth from existing products, the Profile Manager provides an easy way to predict demand for new product launches, product retirements and replacement products, ensuring maximum profitability throughout the product lifecycle.

Continuously Improve Forecast

Looking back at forecast performance and forward to budget comparisons are critical to informed planning decisions. John Galt offers more than thirty standard reports, including Year-to-Date Budget and Margin analysis and Forecast Accuracy with ten built-in metrics. Beyond that, the John Galt Demand Management Engine data mart allows deep dive analysis based on many data streams. Plan output can be exported to Excel, or used for reporting with Brio, Crystal Reports or other tools.

Automate Sound Planning Processes

The Demand Management Engine's filtering, alert, and exception management capabilities allow collaborators to focus on adding value. With the Batch Scheduler, updates run reliably at night without impacting operations, and planners have access to the latest information.

Boost Customer Service and Revenues

More accurate demand management can lower inventory costs and reduce planning expenses. Better yet, the John Galt Demand Management Engine has also helped companies improve order fill rates and customer service levels, thus increasing customer satisfaction and revenues.

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