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Learn Demand Management 6.1 for 2012!

With the latest versions of Demand Management & Planning Portal, 2012 promises to propel John Galt’s customers to the top levels of S&OP success. Learn how version 6.1 can help you drive your planning process like never before at our free webinar.

Join John Galt Solutions on Thursday, February 2 at 2:00 pm EST to learn more about:

  • Assumption tracking with the new Notes Manager
  • Powerful promotion and event tracking with our Event Manager
  • Managing new and challenging products with Lifecycle
  • Using Reporting to dive deep into your performance
  • Capturing more collaborative opinions using Workflow

With Atlas 6.1, you will experience a stronger level of functionality and ease of use at the same time. Learn how you can take advantage of these amazing new features.

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