ForecastX User Huddle: Forecast Performance Dashboard

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT

ForecastX’s latest feature – Forecast Performance Dashboard with recommendations.

Now you can visualize your forecast for immediate insight into performance and new alerts direct you to forecasts that might need additional review.

ForecastX has always delivered visibility into your historical and statistical data. No more scrolling! Now you have a dashboard with the forecast performance measures along with recommendations to help guide your focus. Based on accuracy and importance, ForecastX allows you to quickly determine if you should monitor, review, or let the statistical forecast stand alone.

Join Jeff Marthins, senior business consultant, to see the new dashboard in action and learn how to get it for yourself. During this 45-minute interactive session, you will get the chance to connect with and learn from other ForecastX users. Don’t miss this opportunity to see what ForecastX has to offer!