ForecastX Training

Two-Day Online Training - August 15, 16 2023


Join John Galt Solutions for a 2-day online training course where we are teaming up with esteemed business forecasting expert Professor Dr. Barry Keating (University of Notre Dame).

Register now for this in-depth training on the ins & outs of ForecastX. This interactive, two-day course gives you a thorough understanding of the forecasting software and ensures you make the most of your investment. Through these live group classes you are taught how to make full use of all ForecastX features and given the statistical forecasting knowledge you need to solve any current or future planning challenges.

This course is ideal for the seasoned ForecastX user who wants to brush up on their skills and improve their current forecast process, as well as users new to ForecastX who needs to get started on their forecasting journey.

  • What will I learn?

    Through attending training you will learn:

    • Statistical forecasting concepts and best practices
    • How to use statistical methods
    • ForecastX features and usage
    • Beginning inventory planning
    • Specialized and advanced statistical techniques
    • Practical forecasting techniques for your data

    Price for this two-day immersive course is only $995 per person.

  • Day 1 Agenda - Tuesday, August 15th

    with Prof. Barry Keating (University of Notre Dame)

    All times are Central Time

    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM:  Business Forecasting Overview

    1:15 PM - 2:30 PM:  Statistical Forecasting Analysis

    2:45 PM - 4:00 PM:  Basic Demand Planning with ForecastX

    During day one, attendees will develop a solid background in business forecasting and a foundation in statistical forecasting methods. These concepts will later return when planners begin to explore which features of the tool are best used for a given scenario or purpose. The first day ends by connecting demand planning concepts with ForecastX functionality.

  • Day 2 Agenda - Wednesday, August 16th

    with John Galt's Senior Business Consultant Jeff Marthins

    All times are Central Time

    12.00 PM - 1.00 PM:  ForecastX Tour

    1.15 PM - 2.30 PM:  Grouping and Hierarchies

    2.45 PM - 4.00 PM:  Beginning Inventory Planning

    On day two, attendees begin by learning how to best employ a broad array of ForecastX features. Planners will then build on concepts learned in day one and gain a practical understanding of how to organize data with grouping and hierarchies. Finally, planners will translate their statistical forecasting knowledge into beginning inventory planning.

  • Online for Your Safety and Convenience

    Our innovative, interactive course offers many advantages over traditional classroom training.

    • Avoid traveling concerns and costs
    • Easily fit two four-hour sessions into your workweek
    • Live interaction via Q&A and classroom polling
    • Convenient for groups across multiple time zones
    • Better note taking from your desk with full-size screens, etc.
  • Price To Attend

    ForecastX 2-day Online Training - only $995 per person.

    Optional 1-on-1 Advanced Training - contact a John Galt representative at