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Optimize Production Planning

Plan Proactively for Production

Only 30% of companies have a feasible plan to balance assets, inventory and growth strategiesShrinking product life cycles, changing consumer demand, margin pressure, and reduced supplier capacity require more reliable long term capacity plans and short-term detailed schedules. 

Your journey to mastering supply begins with the Atlas Planning Platform.

Start. Integrate capacity and volume data from plants and suppliers; consider material availability and production. 

Evolve. Capture short/mid-term demand; utilize multiple scenarios to quickly respond to changing market needs. 

Accelerate. Model multi-tier value networks, evaluate risk mitigation, service and cost to serve trade-offs in the plan. 

Capacity Planning

“Civica’s digital initiative has partnered supply chain and commercial operations to gain new insights, become more proactive and drive tangible results faster with John Galt.”

Vikram Lamba, CFO, Civica

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Outcomes Delivered

Drive Results Across Your Multi-Plant Network

Identify and Remove Bottlenecks

Increase throughput and efficiency with rough cut capacity planning.   

Find the Best Trade-offs

Simulate and find the best trade-offs between manufacturing efficiencies, material and resource availability, and manufacturing schedules   

Increase Plant Utilization

Drive increased production throughput, respect manufacturing constraints, optimize changeovers, and lower inventory of finished goods and raw materials. 

Risk Mitigation

Extend visibility from raw materials to finished goods by linking third party suppliers and contract manufacturing helping evaluate risk mitigation, increase profitability, assess customer service and cost to serve trade-offs.  

Plan Across Multiple Horizons

Reconcile long-and mid-term production plans on the same platform. Perform what-if analysis to evaluate changes to capacity, raw material availability, and the impact on margins, costs and inventory levels.   

Align Supply with Demand

Capture short and midterm demand signals from warehouses, DCs and shipping locations to adjust production plans. Consider material availability, delivery channel constraints, sequence coordination, and customer SLAs into the plan. 

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