Shaping Disruption and Profitability: The Resilient S&OP

How effectively is your S&OP process able to cope with the unprecedented uncertainty, complexity and volatility facing today’s global supply chains? The traditional S&OP process was not designed to effectively manage the severity and frequency of today’s supply chain disruptions and associated business risks and opportunities. Organizations need to evolve their S&OP process and move away from being rigid and fragile to effectively manage the complexities of current supply chains and strategic challenges.

In this session the audience will learn from real-world stories from leading supply chain organizations; hear the challenges and success these companies have faced and achieved as they transformed their S&OP process to thrive in today’s difficult climate. Featuring Alex Pradhan, Product Strategy Leader at John Galt Solutions, attendees will discover:

  • How peers are evolving their S&OP process to tackle increasing demand volatility, portfolio complexity, supply chain shocks and restrictions in material supply.     
  • The role of advanced technology to help drive your digital intelligence, ensure the plan is both feasible and aligns with corporate goals, and drive a resilient S&OP process.  


Alex Pradhan, Product Strategy Leader, John Galt Solutions