Case Study

Civica Case Study

Civica Gains Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

COMPANY: Civica Rx
INDUSTRY: Life Sciences
JOHN GALT SOLUTION: Atlas Planning Platform


Civica Rx is a nonprofit generic drug company that addresses the problem of chronic drug shortages and high pricing of urgently needed generic medications in the United States. In just two years, Civica Rx has proven itself as a high-growth business, expanding to over 45 health systems representing 1,200 hospitals in all 50 states in the U.S..

To support their high-growth, Civica partnered with John Galt Solutions helping them gain supply chain visibility and make data-driven decisions. In a short period, Civica Rx achieved the following results:

  • Reliably deliver high quality, affordable medicines across a growing network of 1,200 hospitals
  • Accelerated supply chain performance through real-time demand-supply match using one unified solution
  • Balanced business decisions with greater confidence considering service goals, inventory, product shelf life, and financial resources
  • Leveraged performance score cards for business insights on plans generated from data across 14 enterprise systems

 “Civica’s digital initiative has partnered supply chain and commercial operations to gain new insights, become more proactive, and drive tangible results faster with John Galt.”

Vikram Lamba – CFO, Civica 

Delivering Advanced Supply Chain Visibility

Civica was challenged with not having a single source of truth to make data driven decisions. As they began to quickly grow, Civica needed support to synchronize demand and supply especially given the long lead time in the pharmaceutical business.

Using Atlas Planning Platform, Civica improved their supply chain visibility by having a single integrated platform that could provide real-time demand-supply match while taking into account cash flow, shelf life, and inventory position. Automating and integrating data across the organization into the Atlas Planning Platform allowed Civica to measure and monitor performance KPIs and link to financial goals.

Real-time dashboards gave Civica fingertip visibility and actionable insights to help them manage 60+ SKUs (and growing) across nine suppliers being sold to over 1,200 hospitals across the United States. These insights have helped Civica measure and monitor in real-time:

  • Financial Sustainability - reconcile supply and demand plans against the financial budget
  • Customer Contracts - provides a view of hospital and health systems contractual obligations to purchase various drugs.
  • Inventory on Hand - provides a forward looking view of inventory-on hand based on projected sales and demand
  • Shelf Life Expiration
  • Supplier Scorecards - measuring OTIF and drug quality requirements

Responding to Real World Change with Actionable Insights

Measuring key performance indicators and being able to drill down into the data to assess gaps or opportunities in performance was critical to support Civica’s continued growth. Working closely with John Galt Solutions, Civica developed a library of interactive and user-friendly real-time performance dashboards giving them a view of operational and strategic KPIs.

Pulling data from over 14 enterprise systems, the performance dashboards are helping cross-functional stakeholders make proactive data driven decisions. This has resulted in:

  • Accurate real-time demand/supply match
  • Accelerated supply chain performance
  • Fingertip visibility

Increasing Productivity with Automation

On their path to digital transformation, Civica identified data as a factor critical for success. As a high-growth company, manual processes and tools were no longer feasible and the Atlas Planning Platform helped them speed up decision making by capturing all planning decisions and increasing data consistency for cross-functional efficiency.

Using Atlas’s automated machine learning capabilities, Civica integrated, validated and cleansed all of their disparate data sources. Working closely with John Galt Solutions, Civica has automated their planning process to support their high growth business, freeing up a significant amount of time and manpower and resulting in:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Reduced human-errors
  • Faster decision-making.

About Atlas Planning Platform

Easy-to-use, AI-driven, Cloud Deployed Digital Planning Platform

John Galt’s Atlas Planning Platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain planning solution with advanced analytics and machine learning to automate planning, break down business silos and deliver greater visibility. Atlas Planning, a SaaS-based platform, transforms S&OP process; demand, inventory and replenishment, supply and inventory optimization, manufacturing planning and scheduling, financial budget and sales forecasting.