Case Study

Blue Bunny

Achieves 90 Percent Forecast Accuracy

COMPANY: Wells' Dairy
INDUSTRY: Food and Beverage Manufacturing
COMPANY TYPE: Privately Held


Wells’ Dairy manufactures Blue Bunny® branded dairy products, including ice cream and frozen novelties. Wells’ Dairy was founded in 1913 and is the largest family-owned and managed dairy processor in the United States. Due to capital investment and the labor intensive and seasonal nature of the dairy industry, it was critical for Wells’ Dairy’s demand planners to create an accurate forecast at the annual level and by product family.


Previously, Wells’ Dairy did not have a formal demand planning process The company was looking for a solution that could not only be implemented quickly, but would also give its forecasts more credibility at every level. Wells’ Dairy chose John Galt Solutions’ ForecastX as its base forecasting solution, due to its high value, flexibility, and ease of implementation.


With John Galt's solution implemented, Wells’ Dairy’s demand planners were able to produce forecasted figures with ForecastX, meet with sales to review projections, and then reconcile the numbers. ForecastX also gave Wells’ Dairy the ability to forecast at hierarchical levels, allowing for an increase in both visibility and accountability. “It’s a great product and it worked,” said the demand planner for Wells’ Dairy. He added, “Within a week, I was able to complete my first forecast. We now have some solid numbers to base our decisions on.”


Wells’ Dairy cut their forecast error rate by thirty percent from 13.9 to 9.5 with ForecastX, increasing forecast accuracy to more than 90 percent. With the ability to put full confidence in these results, Wells’ Dairy demand planners were able to create a collaborative yearly forecast based upon the forecasted numbers for each product family. The 90 percent accuracy of the yearly forecast has allowed Wells’ Dairy to focus on enhancing its process and growing its business.