Case Study

AT&T Wireless

Services Addresses Capacity Planning Needs with John Galt Solutions
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AT&T Wireless Services is one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States, offering voice, aviation communications, and wireless data services over an integrated, nation-wide network. AT&T is a Fortune 10 company with over $160 billion in annual revenue.


AT&T Wireless had been using many different data sources – including Oracle 8 – combined with a judgmental process to estimate its future demand. To more effectively manage the deployment and utilization of its infrastructure, AT&T Wireless needed to find an integrated solution that would automate its sales forecasting process. The chosen solution would also need to be easily integrated with AT&T's existing sales forecasting process.


After searching for a solution that could be used to enhance its existing judgmental process by accounting for marketing promotions, sales events and other market factors, AT&T Wireless decided to implement a scalable solution comprising John Galt Solutions’ ForecastX Wizard product family. John Galt provided AT&T Wireless with documentation and working examples that enabled the company to visualize and validate the benefits of ForecastX immediately and throughout the implementation process.


John Galt’s ForecastX gave AT&T powerful front-end analytical capabilities to utilize batch forecasting – an automated process that generates forecasts according to a schedule determined by the parties responsible for forecasting within AT&T Wireless. Users simply adjust their parameters and set the Batch Scheduler, and the program runs without further user interaction. AT&T Wireless can now support its capacity planning needs at its current staffing levels thanks to a framework and tools that allow analysts to focus their attention on business issues. Using ForecastX, the company can quantify the costs and benefits that will be obtained from its infrastructure investments.