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Supply Chain Innovations that Create Durable Benefits

In durable goods, it’s hard not to be consumed by the challenges of demand variability and supply constraints, global competition, and sustainability goals in sourcing, manufacturing and transportation.

Our Atlas Planning Platform applies the full power of advanced market analysis, demand sensing, and real-time scenario planning to right-size your inventory, boost service levels, and exploit market opportunities. With Atlas, a single AI-driven platform unifies planning by giving all stakeholders the visibility they need and integrating structured and unstructured data in real-time to anticipate and handle any changing conditions the market may throw at you.

Cut Complexity, Exploit Opportunity

  • Anticipate, Streamline, Respond

    Atlas creates a more efficient, predictable, and agile supply chain that helps you adapt to market changes as fast—and even faster—than your competitors can. End-to-end planning, automated machine learning, and better collaboration with suppliers are just some keys to shortening lead times, boosting margins, and mitigating risk.

    Stay united and up-to-the-minute by planning continuously at any level of detail across your multi-enterprise environment on a single unified platform

    Spot trends and demand patterns, and be prepared to respond faster to flexing market conditions through advanced analytics and machine learning

    Mitigate disruptions and navigate uncertainty through a digital supply chain twin with powerful what-if scenarios and simulations

    Place the right amount of inventory in the right locations to optimize supply chain performance and hit your service level goals

  • Pull Your Teams Together and Collaborate Better

    Atlas gives everyone the shared visibility they need to work better as a team across your end-to-end supply chain. Suppliers, partners and retailers benefit from communicating and collaborating on one unified platform.

    Establish a collaborative sales and operations planning (S&OP) process

    Establish more efficient, responsive fulfillment through vendor managed inventory programs

    Gain visibility with advanced demand sensing that connects external data, including market telemetry

    Anticipate potential offshore production disruptions through multi-tier visibility

  • Put Forecasting at the Forefront

    Forecasting is the first key to ensuring product availability, reducing obsolete and markdown items, and delivering greater service across a broad product portfolio. Atlas automated machine learning, demand sensing, scenario modeling, and real-time insights take your forecasts to a new level of precision and accuracy.

    Fine-tune inventory policies across the nodes of your multi-tier supply chain to ensure maximum product availability

    Continually align product lines to match changing consumer demands, product additions and retirements, and more

    React quickly to real-world market shifts using demand sensing to anticipate fluctuations

    Prepare for lifts in demand by modeling store openings, special offers, new packaging, and many other factors

    Explore all financial and operational trade-offs using powerful what-if scenarios 

  • Align, Refine, and Streamline

    Atlas’s AI-driven unified platform helps you synchronize supply with demand, align materials with production, and eliminate inefficient manual processes throughout your supply chain operations.

    Model your multi-enterprise supply chain network and create a Digital Twin of your supply chain - a virtual replica of your physical supply chain to model real-world impacts

    Improve planning to shorten lead times, better position inventory, maximize resource utilization, and balance costs with service goals across your network

    Align postponement strategies with multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO)

    Uncover new opportunities to improve cycle and response times and stay ahead of changing consumer expectations

John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software
John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software

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