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How do you know that you are using the right forecasting methodology?


At which level of your product hierarchy should you forecast?


Which products should you focus most of your attention on?

These are the questions that Forecastability Analysis can answer.

Forecastability Analysis is a process that evaluates your business’ demand planning challenges and helps your staff focus on steps to address demand variability. The process segments products in multiple unique ways so you can create and apply specific supply chain policies for inventory management and production. It also can evaluate the profitability of your products and product segments. The result is a defined set of rules that you can apply to your business that can make dramatic bottom line improvements.

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With this unique service, there’s no need to purchase software. Our consultants work with your data to deliver a detailed analysis of your specific demand planning situation and recommend the best business forecasting and demand planning process. Within one week you will have results that will transform your business planning. Want the ability to run this analysis on your own? That is an option too with our Supply Chain Analytics Module.

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Evaluate and focus.

This process evaluates a business and its demand planning challenges to focus staff on steps to address demand variability, while reducing low value activities. It segments products in multiple unique ways to drive supply chain policies for inventory management and manufacturing that result in dramatic bottom line improvement.

The insights produced by Forecastability Analysis make it possible for businesses to tackle the challenge of focusing their demand planning process and using stakeholders’ time effectively. Ultimately, this process allows businesses to produce detailed product segmentation with specific, actionable demand planning and inventory management policies attached to each one. Contact John Galt to learn how you can benefit from Forecastability Analysis and how you turn it into a repeatable process in your business.

Forecastability Analysis delivers a comprehensive report that includes:

  • Segmentation that drives strategic decisions on forecast, production, purchasing and inventory policies that are tailored to needs of product groups.
  • Classification of historical data to understand demand drivers such as Lifecycle, Trend, Seasonality, Outliers.
  • Analysis of forecast methods and related accuracy with recommended approach to optimize overall accuracy.
  • Strategies for dealing with troublesome items like new products or those with intermittent demand.

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