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Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing Well by Doing Good

John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software
John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software

Delivering hope throughout the community

We’ve partnered with Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation to create a transformational home for women and children in need on the Southside of Chicago. The home was purchased, re-purposed and renovated with help from the John Galt team, and now provides stability, security and hope for families in an area struggling with violence and poverty. 

“Anne Omrod and the team at John Galt really helped make the Sankofa Home possible, special and beautiful.”

Sister Donna,

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John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software

Building tomorrow's supply chain heroes

John Galt awards at least two $10,000 scholarships annually to students in business forecasting or supply chain management, making it easier for them to dedicate themselves to their passion for supply chain. John Galt is proud to see previous scholarship recipients taking great strides in shaping the future of supply chain!

“The assistance this scholarship provides is invaluable, and it allows me to focus on my studies and involvement within my supply chain management community at MSU, to ultimately reach my goal of becoming a supply chain leader! It has also boosted my morale and rekindled my motivation to make a positive impact on the supply chain and push for sustainability within it, post-graduation. I am so thankful to John Galt Solutions for giving me the opportunity to progress in my career now and in the future.” 

Rebekah Gutierrez, Spring 2022 Scholarship Winner 

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Values that Guide Our Focus

Companies that can do more, should do more. That’s why we support our employees’ efforts to engage with organizations to benefit the future of humanity and our planet.

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    Making a difference for our planet one sustainable supply chain solution at a time.

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    Promoting diversity, equality and inclusion throughout our organization and beyond.

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    Sharing our passion and enthusiasm for supply chain with a can-do approach.

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    Upholding strong moral principles and never compromising on our values.

Spreading hope and healing one flower box at the time

Curtis Dixon reached out to John Galt to share his experiences and a relationship began to grow, bridging across social, racial and economic barriers to bring the city closer together. The John Galt team helped provide Curtis the skills and resources he needed to pursue his dream of becoming a carpenter. Today, Curtis is building beautiful flower boxes for families who have lost a loved one to gun violence, spreading hope and healing throughout the community.

Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion

John Galt, a woman-founded and led organization, brings colleagues together from around the world. The team benefits greatly from having both a diverse leadership team and an international mindset dedicated to keep its diversity and inclusion as a key value as the company grows.

Celebrating Women in Supply Chain

John Galt is proud to share its founder and CEO, Anne Omrod, was named to Supply & Demand Chain Executives 2021 Women in Supply Chain. In addition, we are excited to congratulate two amazing women who exemplify what is possible, Cristin Livezey and Rebecca Haerter from Full Compass Systems Ltd., a John Galt customer. Both women were also named to the prestigious 2021 Women in Supply Chain.