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John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software

Services Aligned with Your Vision, Focused on Your Success

Our professional services advisors deliver world-class expertise because they have been in your shoes. We deeply understand the challenges of your business. From quick start implementations to careful evaluation of unique business challenges, we’ll help you transform complex challenges into new opportunities for growth and success.

From Implementation to Training and Beyond

  • Fast Implementation
    • Be up and running in as little as 30 days
    • Ensure on-time, on-budget implementations with our agile, modular methodology
  • Real Business Transformation
    • Create a roadmap that embodies your strategic vision
    • Translate business objectives into insightful, actionable KPIs
    • Use change management to optimize processes
  • Improved Forecastability
    • Segment products and identify high priority items to build perfectly tailored demand plans
    • Drive more accurate forecasts and smarter business decisions
  • Full-Spectrum Training
    • Learn from top teacher/coaches in academic supply chain circles
    • Draw on their full spectrum of forecasting/planning knowledge to create a sustainable process
  • Advanced Innovation Lab
    • Collaborate with our world-class research center
    • Profit from advanced data and decision science, user experience, and product innovation
John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software