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Respond to an Ever-changing Market

Manage a changing and complex marketplace to gain a competitive edge.

Aftermarket supply chains must get the right parts to the right location just in time, every single time. Aftermarket supply chains balance supply chain, service, and product complexity to get the job done. Changing customer preferences, stricter sustainability regulations, and fluid tariff policies add to the complexity. Mismanaging these challenges leads to supply chain disruptions.

The Atlas Planning Platform simplifies complex aftermarket supply chain portfolios through rich market analysis, demand sensing, and real-time scenario planning. Our platform covers aftermarket challenges by giving companies end-to-end visibility and stronger supplier collaboration across their supply chains. These insights help customers develop resilient supply chains by minimizing risk and sensing disruptions in advance.

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Manage Complex Supply Chain Challenges

How Atlas Planning Platform supports your aftermarket parts supply chain.

Become More Responsive

Aftermarket parts businesses must balance erratic and intermittent demand while optimizing inventory for finished goods. They must also rationalize inventory by cost, margin contribution, storage capacity, service levels, and supplier lead time. The aftermarket parts business must also manage both fast- and slow-moving parts while meeting service agreements.. Atlas Planning Platform helps aftermarket parts customers manage extensive inventories while reducing costs through continuous end-to-end planning powered by machine learning.

  • Perform in depth “what-if” scenarios to make faster and better decisions
  • Apply multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) to drive improvements
  • Accurately forecast while optimizing service levels
  • Manage down to channel and individual order-line to support long tail demand
  • Leverage collaboration such as vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Visibility and Collaboration

Aftermarket parts businesses carry extensive inventories in multiple distribution centers. They also face mounting competitive pressures, fluctuating tariffs, and product demand that ebbs and flows. The best defense is a good offense in this unpredictable environment. Connect to dealer networks or retailers to gain downstream demand visibility and leverage demand sensing to position inventory more accurately across a multi-tier network. Atlas uses advanced planning capabilities powered by machine learning to optimize multi-echelon inventory levels and help reduce costs.

  • Establish a collaborative sales and operations planning (S&OP) process
  • Leverage collaboration with vendor managed inventory programs
  • Connect to mobile devices to allow service provides to add field intelligence
  • Leverage telemetry data through demand sensing
  • Reduce expediting and premium shipping charges

Manage Product Complexity

Aftermarket supply chains manage increasing complex product portfolios. Product complexity comes from multi-year lifecycles, new products product retirements, substitutions, and more. Atlas helps companies grow as they manage this complexity. Our platform offers product life-cycle management capabilities that simplify product and assortment challenges.

  • Coordinate supply chain planning across all tiers and regions in the network
  • Collaborate with suppliers to improve efficiencies
  • Manage huge SKU portfolios by automatically applying multi-dimensional stock policies based on multi-variate segmentation
  • Reduce costs and risk by using machine learning to improve planning

Improved Forecasting

Our advanced planning capabilities powered by automated machine learning deliver real-time insights and helps aftermarket parts businesses create inventory policies that manage fast- and slow-moving parts, meet changing consumer demands, and reduce expediting costs. Atlas Planning Platform helps improve forecast accuracy and provide the visibility needed to make better planning decisions by applying advanced analytics to drive trends, patterns, and probabilities across broad product portfolios. Our platform helps businesses optimize inventory levels for fast- and slow-moving SKUs, categorize inventory investments based on region and margins, and predict service parts demand.

  • Automate spare parts and materials
  • Forecast intermittent demand
  • Simulate probability modeling
  • Increase and sustain high service levels
  • Leverage demand sensing to position inventory more accurately

Functional and Intuitive Planning

The Atlas Planning Platform balances ease of use with advanced functionality.

The competitive aftermarket parts landscape requires rapid decision making and accurate planning. There’s no time for complex planning tools that are difficult to learn and even harder to use. The Atlas Planning Platform offers advanced supply chain planning capabilities but is designed with the end user in mind.

Atlas Planning Platform is intuitive and easy to use with customizable user interfaces, what-if scenarios to help you evaluate results side by side, and collaboration features to facilitate communication and sharing inside and outside your organization. Our flexible and powerful platform has configurable workflows and automated alerts that make it easy to monitor conditions from demand to supply while managing multiple levels of product, customer, sales geographies, and locations.


Better Data Insights

Atlas leverages machine learning and AI to develop resilient aftermarket service parts supply chains.

Competitors promote machine learning capabilities as a nice-to-have. John Galt sees machine learning and AI as essential and incorporates it into everything we do. The Atlas Planning Platform integrates a range of data signals—from POS data to IoT and more—into every scenario. Our single integrated planning platform with advanced analytics facilitates real-time demand supply balancing and scenario planning end to end. By analyzing data in real-time, our platform detects demand and supply shifts, identifies demand risk, and uncovers opportunities.



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Boost Communication and Collaboration

Atlas Planning Platform promotes strategies that foster organizational alignment.

The best supply chains collaborate upstream and downstream to plan and execute operations. The joint efforts of every stakeholder deliver synergies and efficiencies across the entire supply chain. But even in the best worlds, knowledge silos throw a wrench in decision making.
Atlas fosters supply chain transparency to help internal and external stakeholders collaborate. The user-friendly online platform facilitates real-time demand and supply balancing and scenario planning from end to end. Our platform breaks down knowledge silos; integrates commercial, financial and supply chain planning; and gives access to trade-offs for service, revenue, profit, and cost.


Bring on a Partner

Atlas Planning Platform acts as a trusted advisor to aftermarket parts.

We get it—manual repetitive processes waste valuable time when your company has more pressing concerns to worry about. Atlas automates planning and repetitive tasks to keep your focus on value-added activities.

Atlas automates forecasting while applying advanced analytics to derive trends, patterns, and probabilities in inventory levels. This information helps aftermarket parts businesses manage slow-moving and fast-moving inventory and intermittent demand. Our single platform solution automates and optimizes replenishment, manages dynamic demand and purchase activity, and aids in inventory policy planning to reduce expediting costs and achieve better service levels.


With the statistical power and integrated business planning approach of the Atlas Planning Suite, we were able to build our S&OP process on a strong foundation.

Director of S&OP, Carlisle Brake & Friction

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"I was pretty shocked at how well Procast works. It helps us tremendously, because we don't have to spend time manually selecting the best statistical model."

- Tim Leeth, Demand Planning Manager
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