Forecast Xpert Toolkit

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Forecast Xpert Toolkit

When you need an accurate forecast fast, you need a system that’s powerful, quick to install, and user-friendly. The Forecast Xperts at John Galt deliver this value with the Forecast Xpert Toolkit. The Toolkit bundles the world’s most powerful forecasting software with the training and analysis needed to use it effectively.

We recommend the Toolkit as a bundle to ensure you utilize the ForecastX Wizard to the fullest extent and achieve maximum ROI on your purchase.

ForecastX Wizard Software – Forecast quickly, easily, and accurately in Excel

Forecast Xpert Training – Learn everything you need to produce, analyze, and improve your forecasts

Forecastability Analysis – Explore your data and match products with optimal planning strategies

Are you beyond just forecasting?  Enhance your existing process with automation, collaboration, inventory management, and more.

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