Walk: Identify & Define

Create the Foundation for Your Ideal Planning Process

In order to get to a full demand and supply plan, your team must first define your basic forecasting process and determine how these forecasts affect your business.

Our Walk-Drive-Fly process helps you proceed from these basic elements to a complete plan that makes your company more competitive and flexible.

The Forecast Xpert Toolkit is designed to give you the software, education, and analysis you need to build this solid foundation and progress smoothly to a complete S&OP process.

With the ForecastX Wizard software, your team can start producing forecasts in minutes with a minimum of prior knowledge. The Wizard gives you the tools to experiment with new approaches and improve forecasts overall.

Forecast Xpert Training puts the Wizard’s forecasts into context and helps your team improve results and processes. With this experience, you will be able to form a vision for your future process.

Forecastability Analysis teaches you how to forecast as efficiently as possible, and apply strategies to deal with the risks in your forecast.

At the end of the Walk phase, your forecasting process will be an asset that helps your company make the best decisions about demand possible.

Our Atlas Planning Suite helps you extend beyond forecasting to complete S&OP.