Sophisticated Business Intelligence Made Fast & Simple

Take a look at how easily ForecastX can help your business.

statistical-forecast-report Xpert Forecasting

ProCast® evaluates over 30 different statistical models in a single click and automatically selects the best method for your data. Each product or data series is assessed and assigned a statistical model separately. You are presented with the most accurate statistical forecast in one click.

group-forecastingGroup Forecasting

At what level should you forecast? By Item, product, region, customer, or something else? With ForecastX Grouping, you can dynamically create the hierarchies that make the most sense for your business and instantly apply forecasts and adjustments from higher or lower levels to the rest of the hierarchy.

promotions-forecastingEvent & Promotion Modeling

ForecastX gives you the power to measure the real effectiveness of your promotional campaigns and forecast based on future promotional plans. The event modeling tool tracks your historical events and promotions, creates an effectiveness index for you and then applies that learning to your forecast.

distribution-resource-planningDRP Report

Take your forecasts to the next step with distribution resource planning. Plan how your forecast will consume your inventory. Foresee your inventory levels at any point and get recommended reorders based on specific safety stock parameters and service levels for each product.