Forecasting in Excel

Forecasting in Excel with ForecastX Wizard v8

If you work in Microsoft Excel and have tried sales forecasting in Excel, you’ll love the ForecastX Wizard! We created ForecastX Wizard based on feedback from expert customers who use the ForecastX Wizard software daily. Spreadsheets can be cumbersome and many software packages and Excel add-ins still require advanced Excel skills. ForecastX includes more interactive features, enhanced inventory planning, easier collaboration and streamlined reporting. With the NEW version 8 of Premium, you can also benefit from enhanced accuracy reporting and easier ERP integration. We made the tool simple to get started for forecasting novices, but with a robust set of features for advanced users to create sophisticated business forecasts in Excel.

ForecastX Wizard allows users to dynamically manage top down and bottom up forecasts, optimize inventory levels, manage events, and track forecast accuracy over time. It is the perfect collaborative software platform if you are looking to jumpstart your planning process. ForecastX Wizard automatically creates the world’s most accurate forecasts and can seamlessly integrate with any tool.

The ForecastX Wizard offers users the ability to:

  • Create hierarchies up to 3 levels and rebalance changes on the fly
  • Build inventory plans using on-fly DRP calculations
  • Experiment with promotional strategies using event modeling and on-fly event reapplication
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and capture feedback with new built-in tracking tables
  • Convert unit forecasts into financial figures for easier collaboration
  • NEW – Track forecast accuracy to measure and develop an effective process
  • Powerful inventory planning features including safety stock, replenishment calculations and on the fly adjustments.
  • Closed-loop collaboration allows forecasts to be reconciled with changes from the sales field.
  • Multi-level hierarchy including top down / bottom up allocation and on the fly rebalance to view the effects of those changes across the hierarchy.
  • Powerful interactive reporting for management, including pivot reporting
  • Seamless integration including powerful exporting tools to integrate your forecast with any ERP system.

At only $1995 per license, the ForecastX Wizard for Excel is by far the most advanced forecasting software at its price point.