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The ForecastX Wizard makes detailed and accurate business forecasting easy. This software has become the cornerstone of thousands of successful demand planning processes in a wide range of industries. ForecastX combines a powerful statistical forecasting engine with Microsoft Excel to give your team an effective blend of forecast accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility.

This solution opens up a wide range of possibilities for many different companies, and the benefits include:

  • Forecasting in Excel simplifies data formatting and shortens the learning curve
  • ProCast® Expert Selection gives you the world’s most accurate statistical forecasts in a single click. Show me how
  • Powerful and versatile reporting to analyze and present forecast results
  • Robust adjustment features to handle changes to the forecast
  • Quick and easy grouping to manage items by family, region, and more
  • Waterfall reporting to measure forecast accuracy against actual history
  • Inventory planning to put forecasts into action

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John Galt Solutions has been employed in a wide variety of industries, and the Wizard has made the forecasting process simple and effective for many different companies, including:

Forecast Xpert ToolkitFor when you need an accurate business forecast fast.

ForecastX Wizard Software | Forecast Xpert Training | Forecastability Analysis

The Wizard is part of the Forecast Xpert Tool kit, which offers the education and analysis your company needs to build an effective forecasting process. Take a closer look and see how it combines with our other tools to provide a comprehensive solution.

Forecast Xpert Tool kit