Jumpstart Xpertise

John Galt offers specialized consulting services and training in several areas to give your new or existing business forecasting process a jump start and begin seeing benefits immediately. The services provide a range of perspectives to meet your needs, whether you are beginning to analyze history and forecast demand, starting to automate the process and move to a world-class accuracy, or graduating to Sales & Operations Planning. Jumpstart Xpertise provides your company with focused, practical, and insightful knowledge and plans that you can use in your supply chain planning right away.

Forecast Xpert Training

Having a strong forecasting basis for the supply chain is the foundation of a successful planning process. With Forecast Xpert Training you will learn how to turn sales data into a forecast in minutes, analyze the poorest performing items, and understand how to apply statistical models to your business. Attendees leave the course ready to run the forecasting process on a regular basis to provide the necessary demand signal for purchasing or manufacturing.

Forecastability Analysis

Forecastability Analysis provides custom analysis for your business to develop the best possible demand planning process, improve efficiency, and increase forecast accuracy. By evaluating demand history, comparing various forecast approaches, and understanding revenue drivers for your business, our consultants address your specific challenges and the best ways to manage them. The results provide an actionable roadmap to drive strategic supply chain decisions, including improved service levels, inventory management policies, and how to integrate forecast collaboration.

S&OP Boot Camp

Running an executive S&OP process requires a foundation of knowledge for the business team, as well as discipline and stamina. At S&OP Boot Camp, we provide all the basics for learning the process, including an audit of your demand planning process, identifying supply-side challenges, and coaching the team during a mock S&OP process.