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ForecastX Public Training

Statistical forecasting can seem an intimidating topic at first, even with the easiest software in the world. Planners often struggle to interpret and share forecast results, improve forecast accuracy, and build their process further. But with the right training, sales forecasting can be an intuitive, enjoyable, and profitable process.

In John Galt’s ForecastX Public Training, users deepen their knowledge of forecasting methods and best practices, while gaining practical experience with the ForecastX Wizard software and their own data. ForecastX Public Training has something to offer to planners at any experience level. With this knowledge, your process can continue to drive increased revenue far into the future.

At ForecastX Public Training, you will learn statistical forecasting from Dr. Barry Keating, professor of forecasting at the University of Notre Dame and author of the world’s bestselling forecasting textbook. Dr. Keating will discuss best practices in business forecasting and teach you how to read and interpret statistical forecasts.

With your statistical understanding in place, John Galt will train you on the features and functionality of the ForecastX Wizard, including data cleansing, reporting, building consensus forecasts, event modeling, and much more. You will then have the perfect foundation to practice forecasting with your own data, with supervision from the Forecast Xperts.

The two-day ForecastX Public Training course covers these topics:

  • Concepts and best practices of statistical forecasting
  • Understanding and interpreting statistical methods
  • ForecastX Wizard features and usage
  • Beginning inventory planning techniques
  • Advanced and specialized forecasting techniques
  • Practical forecasting using your own data

To learn more about how ForecastX Public Training gives your team the foundation you need to build a world-class planning process, or to register for a class view the training schedule.

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