Forecast Xpert Training

To get the most of your forecasts, you need to understand them thoroughly. You need to know what factors drive your demand, how to use statistical methods as effectively as possible, and how to build a process that goes beyond statistics.

The Forecast Xperts give you all this knowledge and the experience to use it in Forecast Xpert Training. This two-day course covers the entire spectrum of forecasting knowledge and gives your company the tools you need to establish your process. You may also choose an optional, advanced one-on-one work session with the Forecast Xperts to tackle forecasting challenges that are unique to your business.

In Forecast Xpert Training, you will learn:

  • Statistical forecasting concepts and best practices
  • How to use statistical methods
  • ForecastX Wizard features and usage
  • Beginning inventory planning
  • Specialized and advanced statistical techniques
  • Practical forecasting techniques for your data

“John Galt has built its Xpert training sessions to be more than just explanations of basic sales forecasting methods. These trainings truly focus on building a process that meets each company’s specific needs.”

— Wells Dairy

Forecast Xpert Training Options

Public Training
Onsite Training
Online Training

Based in Chicago, IL our public training course provides the unique experience of learning from Dr. Barry Keating, Professor of Forecasting at the University of Notre Dame. On the first day of training Dr. Keating will discuss best practices in business forecasting and teach you how to read and interpret statistical forecasts using the ForecastX Wizard.

The second day will dive deep into the ForecastX Wizard and the mechanics you need to know to utilize it to the fullest extent.

For larger teams, we can configure a customized training program and deliver it to your team at your office. You will gain the knowledge of ForecastX mechanics as you would from Public Training, but we will be able to focus on situations and issues with your particular business, using your data.

We will ensure all your users are running comfortably with ForecastX and able to produce effective forecasts.

Online training provides an easy way to get started with ForecastX. We will configure a customized training to be delivered via an online meeting. After an initial training in the mechanics of using the ForecastX Wizard, we can formulate and deliver more training incrementally. This allows you to build training around your team’s time and receive specialized attention for your particular business issues, using your business data.
Best For
Best For
Best For
Best for those just starting with forecasting, or the ForecastX Wizard, or those who need a statistical refresher course. Even those not utilizing the ForecastX Wizard will benefit from the in-depth statistical training provided by Dr. Keating.
Best for larger teams and those who need customized training, as required by their business or teams.
Best for smaller, remote teams who need to get up and running quickly, or for teams who need a flexible training schedule.