Scenario Analysis


  • Segment your products and drive strategic decisions on forecasting, production, purchasing and inventory policies.
  • Analyze trend and historical patterns to define product characteristics: New Product, Seasonal, Event/Promotional, Sporadic.
  • Evaluate forecastability of different data streams: POS, Historical, Shipment, Invoice.
  • View analysis with a graphical dashboard with key metrics to focus on action.
  • Simulate different statistical forecast methodologies at different levels of the business and product family.

Valuable Insight, Measurable Results

Creating a world-class Demand Planning process requires that your business stay on top of a constantly changing environment. Factors like short product lifecycle, sporadic demand, even promotions and other events make it difficult to get an accurate forecast. John Galt’s Scenario Analysis helps you build a process that is tailored to your business and the factors that contribute to demand volatility. With Scenario Analysis, you can regularly analyze your business in detail, delivering a road map to overcome your business challenges. The result is the best possible supply chain performance and bottom line improvement.

By combining Scenario Analysis with other modules in our Atlas Planning Suite, planners benefit from a comprehensive solution that facilitates a consensus forecast with Demand Management, collaboration with Planning Portal, and replenishment planning with Inventory Management. In turn, you will be able to create a better rough cut capacity plan and detailed scheduling routine as a result.