Inventory Management

Inventory Planning & Forecasting


  • Automatically calculate inventory replenishment and manufacturing orders based on lead time, customer service level and inventory optimization parameters.
  • Provide automatic or user approved purchase or manufacturing order release based on revenue, cost and margin.
  • Plan inventory replenishment on a monthly, weekly or daily basis using synchronized time buckets.
  • Manage multi-level distribution and inventory replenishment plans by creating dynamic hierarchies.
  • Optimize safety stocks, service levels, reorder points, periods of coverage and lead times to ensure peak inventory management performance.
  • Automatically calculate economic order quantities, lead times and inventory levels using the intelligent planning advisor and user-defined business rules.
  • Slice and dice information using sophisticated analytic reports to provide a complete inventory management picture.

Inventory is one of the largest capital investments every business makes. That’s why savvy supply chain professionals use our Inventory Management module to more effectively plan their inventory while meeting customer demand, and ultimately optimizing their inventory investment.


As a component of the Atlas Planning Suite, Inventory Management helps balance supply with demand in consumer-driven supply chains. We’ve helped thousands of companies increase customer satisfaction while lowering their inventory carrying and logistics costs. Our software enables better inventory planning through better forecasting.