Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Detailed Finite Scheduling

advanced-planning-schedulingJohn Galt brings you a fully integrated Advanced Planning and Scheduling module with the Atlas Planning Suite for complete production scheduling*. Where Atlas’ Rough Cut Capacity Planning module offers you infinite capacity planning, allowing you to apply constraints and plan your production/procurement schedule at a high level, our Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) provides finite scheduling so you can bring that high-level plan into a detailed schedule of resources.

Manufacturers find it difficult to react quickly and intelligently to changes in demand without proper planning & scheduling. The right tools are needed to take your demand plan through production capacity and into the actual machines and resources needed to produce your product. Trying to do this with spreadsheets can be nearly impossible depending on the variability and breadth of resources to manage. APS handles this process automatically.

Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning can be executed in finite or infinite capacity mode and planning time periods can be days, weeks, months or any combination thereof. Different rules can be applied to each item or group of items, allowing for appropriate scheduling calculations for each item. For example, some products may be in ‘make-to-stock’ and others are in ‘make-to-order’, and both utilize different production parameters.

Detailed production schedule information can be sent back to the planning system and this will override planned volume with scheduled volume. MPS can then be re-calculated using production schedule as the base for new results.

Advanced Scheduling

production-schedulingAdvanced Scheduling for manufacturing, production and procurement is achieved by proper sequencing and generating work-to or dispatch lists. Operations are assigned to specific resources and detailed schedules are produced. The user can load the orders onto individual resources using scheduling rules and interact with the schedule using Gantt charts and plots that are generated in the tool.  A typical output would be a dispatch list for each resource.

Of course, as with all Atlas modules, 80% of needs will be met with our standard implementation. However, each business is unique. Your APS module will be configured to meet your specific requirements.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Visualize assembly process from raw materials through to finished goods
  • Unlimited number of resources, products and operations
  • Account for different operation run speeds on different resources
  • Schedule optimization rules to deal with problems such as minimizing changeover times, preferred sequencing and campaigning
  • Graphical view of the material dependencies and plots of stock levels over time
  • Concurrent rule usage, and advanced inter-operation constraints

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