The John Galt Software Solutions

John Galt Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of forecasting and demand management software that enables your team to enhance your sales and operations planning, solve tough problems and improve your supply chain operations. The John Galt product line fits any size organization at any point in their S&OP maturity level. Whether you are just getting started with forecasting or have 100 collaborators interpreting multi-source data with sophisticated event modeling and inventory practices, John Galt software can support and enrich your organization.


The power of business forecasting is easily within your reach. John Galt Solutions has helped thousands of clients learn and implement a forecasting process to improve their businesses. Based on our award winning ForecastX Excel add-in, the Forecast Xpert Toolkit gets you started in forecasting, but it powerful enough to grow with you for many years to come.

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The Atlas Planning Suite reaches into marketing, inventory, sales, operations and financial systems providing a comprehensive view of the company’s S&OP situation at any given time from multiple perspectives. This comprehensive solution is built from a solid forecasting and demand planning foundation and expands based on your growing needs. Managing demand with this software enables you to create a more robust sales and operations plan.

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Not only do we provide these great solutions, we also deliver expert training and consulting services designed to take you from building your forecast to comprehensive supply and demand planning.

Global Businesses Rely on John Galt

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with offices in Europe and Australia, John Galt employs a team of supply chain experts who proudly serve over 5000 customers worldwide. We are a profitable, privately held company whose annual growth exceeds the pace of the overall supply chain software market.

John Galt achieves success with our customers by delivering a Walk, Drive, Fly methodology specifically developed for mid-market companies. By using the ForecastX Wizard and the Atlas Planning Suite to automate the forecasting and supply chain planning processes, this methodology is focused on achieving ROI from day one through a series of well-defined and measurable milestones. Basically, we start where you are and help you grow as you mature your S&OP process.

We’re proud to help our customers surpass their competitors by creating a more efficient consumer-driven supply chain. Contact us today to see a demo and learn more.