Gardenburger Increases Forecast Accuracy by 20 Percent

  • BAAN, Microsoft Access, MS Excel
  • Food/Beverage

Gardenburger Inc. is an innovator in meatless, low-fat food products. Founded in 1985 by GardenChef Paul Wenner the company distributes its flagship Gardenburger® vegetarian patty to more than 30,000 food service outlets throughout the United States and Canada. Retail customers include more than 24,000 grocery, natural food and club stores.

Gardenburger distributes its products through four primary channels: retail grocery, food service, club stores and natural foods stores. The company was looking for a solution that could not only be implemented quickly, but would also give its sales forecasts more credibility at every level.

After careful consideration, Gardenburger chose John Galt Solutions’ ForecastX Wizard as its base forecasting solution, due to its high value, flexibility and ease-of-implementation. According to Gardenburger’s financial analyst: “[The ForecastX Wizard] is a great product that is very easy to use, and has enabled us to benchmark our forecasting and demand planning processes.”

With a new process in place, Gardenburger’s analyst was able to produce forecasted figures with the ForecastX Wizard, review projections with the channel managers, and then reconcile the numbers. The Wizard has also given Gardenburger the ability to produce a forecast based on monthly demand, and then reforecast its products using quarterly buckets to get a more accurate picture of its demand patterns, allowing for an increase in both visibility and accountability.

“We now have some solid numbers to base our decisions on,” reported the financial analyst. With the implementation of the John Galt ForecastX Wizard as a part of its forecasting process, Gardenburger was able to increase its forecast accuracy by 20 percent. Thanks to John Galt technology, Gardenburger planners were able to create a collaborative yearly forecast based upon the forecasted numbers for each product family. The increased accuracy of the yearly forecast has allowed Gardenburger to focus on further enhancing its process and growing its business.