University of Idaho

The University of Idaho, located in Moscow, ID, is a research II, land-grant institution committed to undergraduate and graduate-research education with extension services responsive to Idaho and the region’s business and community needs. The university is also responsible for regional medical and veterinary medical education programs in which the state of Idaho participates.

The University of Idaho formulates its academic plan and generates programs with primary emphasis on agriculture, forestry, mining and metallurgy, engineering, architecture, law, foreign languages, teacher preparation and international programs related to the foregoing. The University of Idaho gives continuing emphasis in the areas of business and education and maintains basic strengths in the liberal arts and sciences, which provide the core curriculum or general education portion of the curriculum.

The University of Idaho offers a wide range of baccalaureate degrees, professional programs, a wide range of masters, doctoral, professional programs and also coordinates and conducts extensive research programs that are consistent with state needs. The degrees offered in Agricultural and Life Sciences, Business and Economics, Education Engineering, Graduate Studies, Law, Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, Natural Resources, and Science.

Six major fields (Business Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management and Human Resources, Marketing, and Production/Operations Management) are offered within the Department of Business which lead to the Bachelor of Science in Business degree. These programs provide a solid foundation in the liberal arts, a broad professional preparation in business, and in-depth course work in a major field.

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