San Francisco State University

Founded in 1899, San Francisco State University is one of the nation’s leading public urban universities. Promoting respect for scholarship, freedom, and human diversity, the University’s faculty and administration encourage students to ignore traditional barriers. Here students can design their own majors, take part in research projects with senior faculty, collaborate with classmates, and learn by helping people solve real-life problems .

SFSU offers: bachelor’s degrees in 116 areas of specialization and master’s degrees in 95, along with 27 credential programs and 34 undergraduate and graduate certificate programs . In addition, SFSU offers a Ph.D. and Ed.D. in education, with a concentration in special education, jointly with UC Berkeley; and a joint Master of Science in Physical Therapy and a joint Doctor of Physical Therapy Science (DPTSci) with UC San Francisco.

College of Business Administration Undergraduate Program
The Management concentration provides students with a broad background in the overall management of the business enterprise. An executive’s job is often described as two-dimensional: one facet is decision making, the other maintaining the organization.

The typical work environment, whether in private or public enterprise, involves groups of people working toward common goals. All too often such task-oriented organizations fail to function effectively because of poor structuring, intense conflicts, inadequate motivation, or a lack of focus on well-identified objectives. Many of these problems are commonly referred to as “people management” difficulties.

Students specializing in management will be better prepared to help people, singly or in groups, to function better at the work place. Almost all larger enterprises employ specialists in training, personnel, and human relations areas whose primary responsibility is improving organizational effectiveness. This is one possible career path. Management students who seek a general preparation with as-yet-to-be-defined career goals will also benefit from the training received in this emphasis.

Today’s competitive environment calls for a continuous audit of all operations with an eye to increasing output in relation to input. All business organizations, whether service or manufacturing oriented, are greatly interested in the systematic analysis of essential operations with an eye to improved performance. The same applies to the public sector in a time of reduced budgets and ever-increasing demand for services.

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