Lake Forest College

Founded in 1857 by a group of Chicago Presbyterians who also established the town of Lake Forest. Lake Forest College is a coeducational undergraduate institution located just 30 miles north of Chicago in the small city of Lake Forest, Illinois. One of the most beautiful suburbs on Chicago’s North Shore, Lake Forest provides a secure, supportive environment for the College. The beautiful 107-acre campus sits just a few blocks from Lake Michigan and is within walking distance of the train station and the shops, cafés, and restaurants of downtown Lake Forest.

The College has 18 departmental and 8 interdisciplinary majors, plus minors and special programs. At the heart of the College is the close-knit community of teachers, scholars, students, and staff representing cultures from around the globe who live, learn, and work together in an environment of mutual respect and collaboration. A national liberal arts college, Lake Forest prides itself on diversity, with students representing 47 states and 47 other countries.

The curriculum is uniquely enriched with the extensive resources of nearby Chicago, which is essentially a geographically extended classroom, laboratory, and creative space that enhances the classroom experience in powerful ways. Internships, off-campus study programs, research, and career opportunities are plentiful.

Lake Forest provides a superb traditional liberal arts education and offers a variety of degrees both for underdraduate and graduate studies.

Department of Economics and Business

The Department of Economics and Business is the largest department at Lake Forest College. The department offers majors and minors in both economics and business. Students are allowed to have a double major at the College, but they may not major in both business and economics. The economics and business programs are both designed to be challenging, teach critical thinking, and meet the demands of a rapidly changing job market. The major in economics is a strong traditional program with a reputation for rigor, depth, and breadth. The business major is structured to provide an overview of various business operations (accounting, finance, and marketing), with an emphasis on the economic environment of business and on analytical and communication skills.

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